Refrigeration units are seen in a warehouse containing an unlicensed laboratory in Reedley, Fresno county, California. Photo: Fresno County Department of Public Health

Unlicensed California lab housing pathogens tied to China firms: US House panel

Committee acquires documents, photos and video in inquiry involving site where at least 20 potentially infectious agents were said to be detected.

15 Sep 2023 - 6:06AM
The US launched the new era of industrial policy over a year ago in a bid to reduce dependence on China. Photo: Reuters

Can China engineer hi-tech manufacturing edge as US wages tech, subsidy war?

China is seen to have retained top spot for mid-end manufacturing, but semiconductor and alternative energy products have been moving back to the US amid efforts by Washington to reduce its dependence.

5 Sep 2023 - 11:00PM
China’s Premier Li Qiang with US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. Photo: AFP

Will Gina Raimondo’s Beijing meetings be a litmus test in US-China relations?

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s China trip continued on Tuesday, and she called for collaboration in AI, climate change and ending the fentanyl crisis.

30 Aug 2023 - 9:21AM
US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. Photo: AP

exclusive | ‘Expansive’ range of topics on the table for Raimondo’s China trip

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo will arrive in China on Sunday for a four-day China visit, with an ‘expansive’ range of topics expected to be discussed.

26 Aug 2023 - 6:22AM
Gina Raimondo will be the latest member of the Biden administration to travel to Beijing in a bid to stabilise US-China relations. Photo: Bloomberg

US commerce chief Raimondo to visit China seeking ‘constructive discussion’

Raimondo in trip to Beijing and Shanghai plans to raise Washington’s concerns about weak transparency in Beijing’s economic and national security data.

23 Aug 2023 - 1:59AM
The latest US restrictions are intended to curb venture capital and private equity investments in Chinese companies covering semiconductors and micro electronics, quantum information technologies and certain artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Photo: Reuters

How high will the fence be? China’s grave concerns over US tech investment curbs

China’s Ministry of Commerce hit out on Thursday after US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to restrict US venture capital and private equity stakes in Chinese firms in key areas, including semiconductors.

11 Aug 2023 - 9:23AM
The US and its Western allies are blocking Chinese firms from accessing advanced chips. Photo: Reuters

Explainer | 3 barriers to China’s hi-tech self-sufficiency quest – and 1 potential pay-off

China wants to boost its tech self-reliance, while the United States and its Western allies are blocking Chinese firms from accessing advanced chips.

6 Aug 2023 - 8:00AM
A key concern for semiconductor companies in the latest bilateral talks between Beijing and Washington was how far Washington would continue to contain China’s access to advanced technology. Photo: Reuters

US tech curbs on China to ‘travel towards tightening’ despite pleas for calm

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the CEOs of US chips firms Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia on Monday, while a Washington-based industry group also urged the Biden administration to avoid placing further restrictions on China.

19 Jul 2023 - 12:00AM
China’s C919 narrow-body passenger jet relies on imported parts and technology, especially from the US. Photo: AFP

Explainer | How exposed is China’s C919 jet to US sanctions and could they clip its wings?

China’s C919 narrow-body passenger jet went into commercial operation this year, but relies on imported parts and technology, especially from the US, with Washington wary of American-made civil aviation products being diverted for military use.

27 Jun 2023 - 11:19AM
In the wake of ChatGPT’s bursting onto the scene, China is looking to artificial intelligence to reinvigorate its economy that is haunted by a debt mountain, coronavirus-related aftershocks and demographic challenges. Illustration: Henry Wong

Will AI be China’s ace in the hole to surpass the US and become the top economy?

After ChatGPT burst onto the scene, China is looking to artificial intelligence to reinvigorate its economy that is haunted by a debt mountain, coronavirus-related aftershocks and demographic challenges.

15 Jun 2023 - 8:46AM
An employee handles a silicon wafer at a Chinese chip factory in Hai’an, Jiangsu province, China, March 23, 2023. Photo: VCG via Getty Images

Chinese ambassador asked Korean lawmaker to include Beijing in US-led chip alliance

A South Korean lawmaker said the Chinese ambassador once lobbied her to try and get China included in the US-led Chip 4 alliance, a group that included Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

9 Jun 2023 - 12:47PM
A worker produces semiconductor chips at a workshop in Suqian, in China’s eastern Jiangsu province. Photo: AFP

China’s chip equipment purchases slump as sales to North America surge

Semiconductor equipment sales to China fell in the first three months of the year – a sharp contrast to increased sales to North America and global markets in the same period.

8 Jun 2023 - 9:30PM
Shoppers seen inside an Honor smartphone retail store in China. Photo: Shutterstock

Huawei spin-off Honor steps up chip design effort with new unit

The move comes amid questions over the chip development capability of Chinese smartphone makers, after the disbandment of Oppo’s in-house team.

3 Jun 2023 - 9:02AM
The company logo is seen on the Micron Technology offices in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters

exclusive | China’s top server makers ‘stop orders of modules containing Micron chips’

Inspur, which is under US trade sanctions, and Lenovo are among the biggest buyers of Micron products, which are under a partial ban in China.

26 May 2023 - 10:10AM
Microsoft founder Bill Gates is set to attend Beijing’s Zhongguancun Forum. Photo: Reuters

Bill Gates, US scientists to speak at China’s state-backed tech forum

The Zhongguancun Forum is the first major international conference held in Beijing’s answer to Silicon Valley after the country’s Covid reopening.

25 May 2023 - 11:21PM
Zhang Yiming, founder and former CEO of ByteDance, poses for a photo in Beijing in 2019. Photo: Bloomberg

TikTok parent’s founder sets up investment fund in Hong Kong

Zhang Yiming’s Cool River Venture, incorporated on Monday, will invest mostly in technology-related industries, according to sources.

24 May 2023 - 6:00PM
The Chinese commerce ministry says it firmly opposes Japan’s chip technology restrictions. Photo: Shutterstock

China slams Japan’s semiconductor technology export controls

The Chinese commerce ministry says it firmly opposes Japan’s restrictions, which have dealt a fresh blow to its semiconductor industry.

24 May 2023 - 12:26AM
Skyscrapers are seen Beijing’s central business district. Photo: Shutterstock

Forrester Research to close China office amid consultancy crackdown

The US technology research and advisory firm is also laying off most of its analysts in the country, sources said.

18 May 2023 - 1:10PM
President Joe Biden walks past solar panels while touring the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative in June 2019. Photo: Reuters

Chinese solar panel maker plans US factory in win for Biden clean-energy push

Beijing-based JA Solar is building a new plant in the US in another win for the Biden administration as its incentive-laden climate law continues to attract big foreign investments.

12 Jan 2023 - 11:19AM
A South Korean naitonal flag and a Samsung flag flutter outside the company’s Seocho building in Seoul in October 2022. Photo: AFP

Samsung profit slumps by most in decade on weak demand for memory chips

Profit slumped last quarter by the most in more than a decade as memory chip prices crashed. Samsung may have to rein in capital expenditure to conserve cash, Citigroup says.

6 Jan 2023 - 10:03AM