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For actress Michele Reis, motherhood is the role of a lifetime

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 November, 2015, 3:14pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 September, 2017, 4:13pm

Michele Reis may have taken a break from her acting career, but she's never been out of the public eye. Time for her is "invaluable" and "very precious". "I always find that I don't have enough time," says Reis, who is often in the spotlight, whether it's making appearances at star-studded parties or advocating for her philanthropic causes. Since she married in 2008, Reis and her tycoon husband Julian Hui are one of Hong Kong's most powerful celebrity couples.

However, family has always been a key focus. Reis recalls that one of her most memorable moments in life was when her mother gifted her a watch on the day that she started her career in show business. Today, caring for her husband and their young son, Jayden, is the priority in Reis' life.

"I just want to spend more time with him to witness every moment of his growth," Reis says. "It is important to juggle the time between family, personal life and my career. It's all about time management and how you prioritise your daily schedule."

Perfecting her balancing act of work and family, Reis says she tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. "As a contemporary woman, my lifestyle is very diversified and dynamic. Every day, I try my best to reserve quality time with my son. I also need time for exercise."

Reis cites exercise and a positive mind as the secrets to maintaining her ageless beauty. "I think attitude is the key. It's crucial to always stay positive and passionate," she says.

Reis has also taken up art as a hobby, which helps her to relax. "Drawing is one of my favourite hobbies," she says. "I can let my imagination and emotions flow."

Reis rose to fame after winning the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant in 1988 at age 18, and starred in a string of films during the golden age of Hong Kong cinema. Reis' earlier acting roles were in such movies as A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990), Fallen Angels (1995) and Flowers of Shanghai.

She started to slow down her show-business career in the early 2000s. Her most recent screen appearance was a cameo role in Teddy Chan's award-winning film Bodyguards and Assassins (2009).

While she enjoys her present lifestyle, Reis says she's not quite giving up her film career.

"I will still consider it if suitable and interesting opportunities arise," she says. "I'm always keeping my eyes open for exciting scripts and characters." VC


"It's thin and fits the wrist perfectly. If you look closely at the watch, you'll be fascinated by the 'reverse' design of the movement, where the 'beating heart' is revealed on the watch dial. The timepiece is very versatile and easy to match, which makes it very suitable for contemporary women like myself."