Face mask fashion, haunted houses, straight-A students: 5 most read lifestyle stories of 2015

These are the five culture and lifestyle stories that most engaged readers over the course of the year

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 December, 2015, 6:15am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 December, 2015, 6:15am

For the past two weeks, we’ve been running our eye over the stories we ran this year that most interested readers. They range from a true-life tale of mid-air derring do to a checklist of travel taboos, a guide to the best roast goose restaurants in Hong Kong and the merits or otherwise of Kanye West’s fashion collections. Today we get to the five most-read stories of the year - spanning fashion, pollution, property, ghosts, education and more.

5. The last bound-feet women of China - in photographs

Hong Kong photographer Jo Farrell shares a glimpse of her eight-year project to document the last remaining women with bound feet, which culminated in a book – Living History: Bound Feet Women of China

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4. Fashion-forward face masks a big hit in China amid soaring air pollution

Fashionable face masks first caught our eye in 2013 as they became the must-have item in China among people wanted to look good while trying to avoid the smog. These days they remain a common accessory.

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3. Hong Kong haunted houses: online map of who died where is boon for the curious, the ghoulish and bargain hunters alike

A website with an interactive map showing ‘haunted’ properties where untimely deaths occurred, and the stories behind the deaths, is handy for those in search of a cheap home and who aren’t superstitious

2. Street children detained to clear way for Pope Francis’ Manila visit

To ensure Manila was presentable for Pope Francis’ visit, street children as young as five were detained next to convicts in centres notorious for brutality, abuse and neglect. Post Magazine went on a rescue mission with Father Shay Cullen

1. Where are they now? 4 former straight-A Hong Kong students reflect on their lives

Academic performance: it’s one of Hong Kong’s favourite conversation topics. But while great results at school open doors, no one teaches you how to seize opportunities, as four academic high achievers told us in our most read story this year.