Netflix Antarctica has more videos than Hong Kong: the pathetic local offerings by the world’s streaming video giant

Website compares Netflix catalogues around the world, and Hong Kong comes up short

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 January, 2016, 8:20pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 November, 2017, 10:50am

Netflix’s offering in dozens of other countries beats Hong Kong’s digital library of movies, TV series and videos on the streaming service, an online resource shows.

The fledgling arm of the global streaming giant offers just 587 videos, including 438 movies and 149 videos,’s database of international Netflix catalogues reports.

Antarctica residents can access 815 videos, which includes 562 movies and 253 series, the net resource states.

But Antarctica is still far behind the countries with the greatest Netflix catalogues; leading the pack is the United States where Netflix was born. The US offers 5680 videos including 4566 movies and 1114 series while Caribbean island nation Martinique doesn’t just have great rum but also 4586 Netflix videos.

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But a host of unlikely countries and territories beat Hong Kong, including global pariah state Zimbabwe with 701, strife-torn Afghanistan with 702 and Iraq with 642 videos.

Australia (where Netflix rolled out in 2014) has nearly four times as many titles in its streaming catalogue despite fierce competition there with other online video services and TV channel catch-up sites.

At launch, the service couldn’t offer some of its own flagship programs produced in-house due to contractual agreements with other streaming or over-the-top online services.

The service launched in 130 extra countries simultaneously on January 7, HKT. It has since announced it would block those using workarounds to access the comparatively larger catalogue on the US-based service.

Hong Kong beats neighbours Macau and Taiwan by just a few videos – Taiwan’s Netflix has 584 videos and Macau’s has 575 – while mainland China does not have its own Netflix arm.

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Other countries with fewer videos offered include the Pitcairn Islands, a tiny pacific nation, and the iced-in Svalbard – a territory of Norway and one of the world’s most northern human settlements – has the least with 278 videos (183 movies, 95 series) to keep their minds occupied over the dark winter.

At its launch a Netflix spokeswoman said the catalogue would grow as popularity for the service also grew.

“Netflix will launch more than 30 new Netflix original series in 2016. Most of these will be available to our members everywhere, exclusively on Netflix. Particularly for HK, we have a target to double the content in the library in one year,” she said.