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Joineur uses traditional Chinese furniture-making techniques for modern designs and re-creation of classics.

Joineur keeps centuries-old Chinese furniture-making crafts alive with exquisite pieces at Hong Kong’s HomeSquare

Local artisans craft solid rosewood and ebony into classic or modern design pieces with traditional joints


For three decades, Joineur has kept the centuries-old tradition of Chinese wooden furniture
making alive.

A home-grown brand that designs, manufactures, and sells Chinese furniture, Joineur employs traditional furniture-making techniques, while creating modern, stylish pieces that are also practical.

Everything is done in house, from the selection of the wood to the design, assembly, polishing, and finishing of the piece.

Joineur works mostly with high-density, solid woods such as rosewood and black and red ebony, that have been the hallmarks of traditional Chinese furniture for centuries. These hardwoods are favoured because of their beauty and scarcity. They are also known to be both strong, long-lasting and highly versatile. The woods can also be shaped into curves, and with rounded corners.

The woods are hard and cannot be held together with nails, however, because hammering would cause splintering. As a result, the best way to assemble furniture made of such hardwoods is to use the traditional mortise-and-tenon technique, dating back thousands of years.

Unfortunately, the number of people practising this craft has dwindled in recent years, and not many apprentices are continuing the tradition. With artisans who possess this rare skill, Joineur has been able to keep the art of traditional Chinese furniture making alive, creating timeless masterpieces using top quality woods.

The company’s innovative designers, meanwhile, have created an extensive range of contemporary furniture that runs from sofas and chairs to dining room tables, beds, cabinets, and wall units.

Joineur favours the earlier Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644) style of furniture over the more recent Qing dynasty (1644 – 1912) style because it has cleaner lines and is not as fussy. As a result, it is more suitable to modern tastes.

Furniture from the Joineur collection serve as centrepieces that can jazz up any room, and also fit easily into various kinds of interior spaces, thanks to their modern designs, beautiful finishes, practical nature and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Joineur design group can also also custom-design furniture to required specifications.