Five other innovative Casio products G-Shock champion Kazuo Kashio will be remembered by

A portable computer with – wait for it – 8KB of memory, a classic waterproof stopwatch, the first digital camera: in the week Casio co-founder Kazuo Kashio died, we look back at five of his company’s most innovative products

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 6:34pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 June, 2018, 6:54pm

Kazuo Kashio, chairman of the Japanese electronics company Casio, died on Monday aged 89.

The business executive will be remembered for his role in popularising the G-Shock, a watch famed for its resistance and multimodal functions. While it is arguably Casio’s best known product, the G-Shock isn’t Casio’s only innovative invention.

These are five other Casio products that will be remembered for their innovativeness.

1. PB-770 portable computer

Released in 1984, the PB-770 was one of Casio’s smartest inventions. Released just a year after Internet Protocols (known as IP) were fully activated, the 114mm-wide device could store up to 8KB of data, and up to 32KB with an extension. Its functions included a built-in calculator, and it came with a portable printer. It was an ideal tool for researchers.

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Want a taste of nostalgia? Look out one online or venture into a second-hand electronics shop. Average price: US$100.

2. Casio F-91W watch

Brought to market in 1991, the F-91W watch is known for being long-lasting, basic and easy to use. Its battery has an average life of seven years. The waterproof stopwatch – which gained the reputation of being indestructible – is ideal for hikers and other outdoor adventurers. The device was embroiled in controversy after it was alleged that some terrorists may have used F-91Ws to detonate bombs.

If you find today’s smartwatches too costly, an F-91W can be had for around US$15 and can be found widely in the four corners of the globe.

3. Casio scientific calculator

They are a must in schools. In fact, the solar-powered devices are favoured by many countries’ examination boards. Their functions vary depending on the model. The examination mode – which restricts access to the memory – minimises cheating while at the same time allowing students to use calculators.

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Besides their academic function, Casio calculators hide a number of tricks and can easily become a source of distraction.

4. Casio QV-10 LCD camera

Released in 1995, the QV-10 was the first LCD digital camera on the market. For the first time, photo enthusiasts were able to view and delete their photos without having to worry about wasting film. However, professionals continued to favour film-based photography for its higher quality.

5. CPW-500H-1AV Islamic Prayer Watch Series

As an international firm, Casio has occasionally designed country- and culture-specific products: this is the case with the CPW-500H-1AV Islamic Prayer Watch Series. Shaped like a standard watch, Islamic Prayer Watches are distinguished by two things: a compass pointing towards Mecca and a prayer alarm. The watch is available worldwide.