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Want to throw banknotes from a rooftop? Think again. Here are five better ways to spend Coin Young Master’s cash

  • Banknotes totalling about HK$6,000 fell from the sky sending a crowd into a frenzy in the Hong Kong neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po on Saturday
  • It is alleged that a man calling himself Coin Young Master was behind the stunt
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 December, 2018, 6:16pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 December, 2018, 6:16pm

Six thousand Hong Kong dollars – it’s an amount this city is all too familiar with.

In 2011, for instance, the Hong Kong government handed out a HK$6,000 (US$766) tax rebate to all permanent residents aged 18 or over; and, more recently, at least HK$6,000 was tossed from a building in Sham Shui Po in what is believed to be a publicity stunt by a 24-year-old cryptocurrency promoter known as “Coin Young Master”.

Fast cars, a mansion, cash from the sky: who is ‘Coin Young Master’?

Surely there are far better ways to spend that money. Here are five you might consider.

1. Donate to people in need

We don’t live in a perfect world; there are always people out there in need of help. Never think that you need to be a billionaire to donate money and make a difference. Every little bit can help to change someone’s life. If you are not sure about where and how to donate, check out the lists of charities online, and educate yourself about social issues through the news.

2. Package tour to Europe

How about broadening your horizons and experiencing another culture? According to a package tour offered by Phoenix Travel Worldwide on Taobao, you can travel to Europe for 14 days including countries like Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland for under HK$6,000.

3. Holding a panda at Chengdu Panda Park (twice)

At the Chengdu Research Breeding and Research Centre in China, it costs you 58 RMB (HK$66) to enter the park and an additional 2000 RMB (HK$2,266) to hold a panda. Even though you are only allowed to hold it for a very short time, it still can be an unforgettable experience. The money also helps contribute to the conservation of the protected species.

4. Enjoy the view of Hong Kong from a helicopter

You can enjoy a 15-minute helicopter tour around Hong Kong Island and take in the bird’s-eye view of the city’s famed skyline and harbour. The shared flight option with Hello Hong Kong costs just HK$2,160 (with no more than six passengers in one ride), so you have spare change for a meal afterwards.

5. Make a 3D figurine

With 3D printing technology, you can get a full-colour, lifelike replica of yourself at the Pinla3d shop in Shanghai. The scan only takes a few minutes. The price ranges from 1,200 to 16,000 yuan, depending on the size of the replica and the quality of work. If you have a family of four, HK$6,000 should just cover it.