Still relevant, still on the floor

J to tha L-O is heading to Honkers for the first time in 11 years, so now's the perfect time to refresh your memory of how she began - or, if you're a child of the noughties, learn she was famous before .

has at least one track from each of Jennifer Lopez' studio albums. But rather than a pure "best of", this album is dedicated to her dance floor fillers (so the omission of her best ever track, the beautiful , is just about forgivable).

J-Lo has always worked the trends. Rodney Jerkins was flavour of the decade when he wrote and produced her . When Ja Rule was the hottest rapper around, she worked with him on remixes of and . With her most recent releases and , Lopez keeps her finger on the pulse, calling in RedOne to produce the former, and Flo Rida to duet on the latter.

provides 65 minutes worth of reasons to be (track 2, by the way) and a lesson in how to stay relevant.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Still relevant, still on the floor