What restaurateur Charles Pelletier is reading, listening to, watching, and doing on the web

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 21 December, 2014, 12:10am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 December, 2014, 11:44am

What I’m listening to: I recently discovered Arthur Russell and he’s blown my mind. But I mostly listen to the playlists made by my friends for my restaurant.

What I’m reading: I like geopolitical and economics books. Right now, I’m trying to find Rudolph Steiner’s books on education and biodynamic agriculture.

What I’m watching: everything. I am a movie-vore. I would like to say I only watch cool, young independent directors such as Xavier Dolan or Nicolas Winding Refn, but I am too much of a Bruce Willis fan.

What artists I’m following: I love Hong Kong artist Adrian Wong. He gave us the honour of titling one of his pieces Serge et le Phoque.

Where I’m surfing: I’m not on the internet much, but I will say Vice magazine. Every morning I love to read French newspaper Le Monde online. And sometimes, L’Equipe, the French sports newspaper.

(As told to Pavan Shamdasani)