Things filmmaker Alison Thomas likes to read, watch and listen to

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 February, 2015, 10:49pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 February, 2015, 10:49pm

What I’m listening to: currently loving Hozier’s Take Me to Church – it’s a beautiful song and the music video’s even better. I’m also a big fan of Lana Del Rey – I love how cinematic and nostalgic her songs are. This might sound geeky, but I also enjoy listening to movie soundtracks, especially soundtracks by Hans Zimmer.

What I’m reading: a lot of film blogs and Hollywood film scripts. It’s always interesting to see how a director interprets a script and I just like to compare the scenes with the script.

What I’m watching: lots of films – hooray for Oscars season. My current favourites are Interstellar and Gone Girl. You know that a film is good when you get so involved with the story that you forget you’re in the cinema.

What artists I’m following: I enjoy Robert Rauschenberg’s work, but I think James Jean will always be my favourite. If film directors count, then Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese and Baz Luhrmann.

Where I’m surfing: Vimeo, No Film School, National Geographic, Philip Bloom Blog (plus 9gag for giggles).

(As told to Vanessa Assarasakorn)