HK Rugby Sevens 2015

'I made out with 40 girls': Meet the Kim Jong-un impersonator who scored big at the Sevens

Finance employee's drunken antics dressed as the North Korean despot make waves online and in the stands

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 March, 2015, 4:09pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 01 April, 2015, 1:42pm

A Kim Jong-un impersonator at the Rugby Sevens has revealed he made out with "30 to 40" girls while dressed as North Korea's despised despot - but doesn't remember much of the day because he was "hammered".

Jeremy — he prefers we don’t divulge his last name or where he works, other than “in finance in Hong Kong” — was photographed hundreds of times at the event, in images that have now gone viral around the world. 

A meme of him as the supreme leader even made it onto the front page of social media website Reddit on Tuesday.

Anyone reading Reddit, Britain's The Daily Telegraph newspaper, or surfing the popular online humour sites Unilad and Ladbible has almost certainly seen the picture of him as Kim Jong-un pouring a pint of beer over his face surrounded by screaming fans. 

Assuming they manage their own Twitter feeds, both Seth Rogen and James Franco, stars of the controversial The Interview movie about Kim Jong-un's fictional assassination, have also seen it. 

“I woke up on Monday morning and next thing I knew I had 300 likes, god knows how many shares, and my WhatsApp going crazy, ‘you’re on Unilad’, ‘you’re on Ladbible.’

Next came the 4,672 likes on Reddit, and as is always the case on Reddit, the memes: Jeremy (whose nickname is "Jez") pounding a beer surrounded by North Korean children, Jez now dressed in the trademark powder blue tuxedo of South Korean popstar Psy, Jez looking quite drunk surrounded by smiling Korean soldiers.

The idea to dress as the North Korean dictator started more than a year ago, with a bad haircut. 

“My barber shaved all the way up and my hair flopped to the side. I thought oh c*** and tried to fix it but there he was, the supreme leader,” he says.

When Jeremy and his friends were trying to figure out what to wear for the Sevens, they remembered the haircut and “they said, 'You have to go as the supreme leader'”. 

Just before the event, another friend decided to forgo his general costume and go as Dennis Rodman. The look that would be beamed around the world was complete. Rodman made headlines for leading a basketball trip to North Korea last year and getting cosy with Kim, calling him a "dear friend".

Jeremy says at the Sevens he referred to his friends as his “security detail” or his “generals”, and they to him almost exclusively as “the Supreme Leader”. They called the trips they made around the South Stand “tours”.

“I had my security detail. I went on tour a few times to the bottom of the South Stand, with them pushing people away and saying 'make way for the Supreme Leader'. They must have done a good job because the people went crazy.”

Every time they chanted “Kim! Kim! Kim!”, he would finish whatever drink he was holding. In the end he drank many, many drinks. “Thank god I had good security to help me out and keep me out of trouble a bit,” he says.

So what does he remember? Mostly, the girls.

“Making out with 30, maybe even 40 girls as the Supreme Leader,” he reminisces, “I don’t know why but girls seem to like the Supreme Leader... I vaguely remember a guy telling me to kiss his girlfriend.”

Impersonating Kim Jong-un has become something of a vocation in Hong Kong.

Last year, Australian Hongkonger Howard enjoyed a lot of media attention for his antics impersonating the North Korean leader.

Howard was recently in the news again when he interrupted a screening of Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral in Hong Kong.

VIDEO: SCMP's interview with Kim Jong-un impersonator Howard

Jez, on the other hand, doesn’t see much of a future in despot dress-ups: “I’m not going to do it professionally or anything like that. It’s just a bit of fun.”

And then there's the potential backlash. Impersonating one of the world’s most powerful and thin-skinned Stalinist dictators is not without consequences.

But Jez is not worried. “If the North Koreans get angry," he said, "I’m going to blame it on Howard.”