10 lyrics Blur could only have written about Hong Kong

There are references to places and life in Hong Kong throughout the British band's new album, The Magic Whip.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 April, 2015, 2:14pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 April, 2015, 7:05pm

The genesis of Blur's new album The Magic Whip - impromptu jam sessions in a Hong Kong recording studio - are reflected in lyrics to many of the songs.

From Ong Ong

"I got on a boat on a hot sunny day
To get out of this town
Cause the tarmac was melting and the people seemed to sway
Stuck in the underground

To the isle of the black kites and the wishing tree
I wanna be with you
On the slow boat to Lantau through misty seas
I wanna be with you”

From Thought I was a Spaceman

"By the empty harbour
Where the junk boat phantoms float
The fight for Happy Valley, 
Sadly the line broke."

From There Are Too Many of Us

“There are too many of us
In tiny houses, here and there
All looking through the windows
On everything we share”

From Ghost Ship 

"I remember flashbacks lighting up magic waves
Eight o'clock Kowloon emptiness, handle it."

Ghost Ship (2):

"Till I ever hold you out there again
Will you be mine?
Cause I'm on a ghost ship drowning my heart
in Hong Kong
It's the last ride boarding here tonight
Out in the bay."

From Mirrorball

"Mirrorball on a Jordan train
I was under sea then up for air again
Ocean Park where the seagulls cry
I remember flying dragons too
I was there"

From New World Towers

“Green green the neon green
New world towers
Carved out of grey white skies”

From Lonesome Street

“What do you got?
Mass produced in somewhere hot
You'll have to go on the underground
To get things done here”

From I Broadcast

"I love the aspects of another city
The representatives are alright
In circulation the snake and the tiger
Waking up and shaving in industrial life"