Sites and sounds keeping Alex de Fina, Bikini Fit founder, happy

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 June, 2015, 6:45pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 June, 2015, 6:45pm

What I'm listening to: I'm really into chillstep - it's electronic music with an ethereal tone, and I spend the better part of my days getting through my inbox with this playing in my headphones. I find it helps me to juggle a million priorities while not being sidetracked by songs with complicated lyrics.

What I'm reading: Nail it Then Scale It by Paul Ahlstrom and Nathan Furr. The principles of the book are nothing new, but it gives great insights into decisions which proved pivotal to tech start-ups which "made it". I'm secretly a business nerd, and am fascinated by both the opportunity and adversity in creating unique concepts which enrich people's lives. I try to get through a book per week to give me clarity on how we grow our business while honouring our commitment to unparalleled service.

What I'm watching: I'm lookijng forward to seeing Ex Machina, which [from my understanding] is about the exponential growth or technological singularity theory with artificial intelligence. It's something that could easily happen in our lifetime and it could be a dramatic roll-of-the-dice in the future of humanity.

What artists I'm following: I would love to sound more interesting and eclectic than I really am, but I have basically spent my life zeroing in on a very small scope of physiology, psychology and philosophy. I overlooked large chunks of life like the arts.

Where I'm surfing: The one website I try to prioritise is It's pitched as personal training for your brain and you complete some rudimentary games online to focus on areas of concentration, cognitive processing and memory recollection. This investment of 15 minutes per day seems to be a time-efficient way of ensuring I stay as sharp as possible.

As told to Pavan Shamdasani