Sites and sounds keeping swimwear pioneer Vishal Sani entertained

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 04 July, 2015, 9:35pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 04 July, 2015, 9:35pm

From the new Snoop album to the recent Kurt Cobain documentary, chronicler of rock Jim Marshall and Hypebeast, the Hong Kong fashion brand co-founder has his finger on the pulse.

What I’m listening to: the new Snoop album has been on heavy rotation. It’s a little different to his usual style, a little more groovy, and features Pharrell, Stevie Wonder and Gwen Stefani. It’s an eclectic mix of funk, soul and hip hop.

What I’m reading: I have just picked up The Martian by Andy Weir, which is next-level space drama. Think Interstellar meets Cast Away.

What I’m watching: I just saw the excellent Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck. It gives you a peek into the netherworld of Nirvana. Another great film I saw was Ex-Machina. I’m not that into AI, but this was really gripping and slightly on the disturbing side. On TV, I’m religiously watching Silicon Valley – the dialogue is fantastic. It’s witty, lighthearted and entertaining. And I just finished watching The Jinx, a six-episode miniseries centred around the 71-year-old scion of a New York real estate fortune. It follows him through unsolved crimes he has been accused of and acquitted for over the years. It is an addictive masterpiece.

What artists I’m following: Chicagoborn photographer Jim Marshall, who’s responsible for some of the most iconic images from rock’s glory days, including Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, Willie Nelson and Miles Davis.

Where I’m surfing: I’m a daily reader of Hypebeast, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal and ESPN. In this day and age, you have to stay connected and relevant.

As told to Pavan Shamdasani