Get a lift from Facebook pages that make light of life in Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 22 August, 2015, 12:19pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 22 August, 2015, 8:59pm

Sometimes you just have to laugh. That’s the thought behind scores of Chinese-language pages on Facebook that take aim at various aspects of life in Hong Kong. There are fewer English-language pages, but they are out there.

So if house prices, health scares and C.Y. Leung are getting you down, here are three popular Hong Kong Facebook pages to check when you need a giggle.

Hong Kong Fashion Victims

“I feel happiness when I eat a potato”. Sound familiar? How about: “Keep Clam and Rock”, “Lick me”, or “Knowledge is poo-poo”? Yes, the infamous Hong Kong T-shirt fails, and this page has plenty of samples.

This community celebrates  Hongkongers’ highly individual sense of dress style and taste, or total lack of it, and proves the point that not everyone in Hong Kong is obsessed with luxury labels. You’ll find a rose-print black  suit jacket worn with half-mast skull-print trousers, and other combinations too colourful to mention – except the baby blue, pink-lined jacket matched with black and purple knee socks and fuchsia pumps with yellow laces, accessorized with a studded purple and blue faux crocodile skin handbag.

Mismatched socks, lion’s head backpacks, back-to-front trousers, and a wannabe Lady Gaga on the MTR – definitely a page to check on a dull day.

WTF License Plates – Hong Kong

We’re all familiar with the city’s love of personalised vehicle licence plates. Here’s a group to share the ones that make you laugh, cry or sigh. Hong Kong motorists are certainly not shy about expressing themselves in their plates. There’s the boastful (not always on appropriately priced cars), such as SUCCESS (Nissan Elgrand), WEALTHY, BIGHEAD and WIN. Others are aspirational (DREAMUP), indifferent (UP 2U), grateful (THX GOD) or just polite (PLEASE). Many are  lovey-dovey: HUGS, LOVEU, LOVEU2 (a couple?), CU SOON, LOVE SHER, ONLYU or I LOVE J.

Then there are the plain ridiculous and unexplainable, crying out for  the 15 minutes of fame  this Facebook page can provide, such as 123456, GAGNANT, WINGLESS, FATDUM B and even WTF.

The Funny Side of Hong Kong

Typos and lousy translations dominate this page, with a big dose of innuendo. Menus and shop goods’ labels bear the brunt of most contributors’ jokes. That includes the 7-Eleven poster advertising “Grab Me Now” bargains such as a “Cock Light” for HK$3 and a regular “Cock” for just HK$2.80. Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer was found selling “Hanging Knickers” for HK$39, while a beauty salon was giving “whole face or whole neck removal” for HK$500.

You’ll also find puerile plays on places and street names, such as  Wan King Path and  Chik Fuk Street. Did you know there was a  Fook Kiu Indonesian Food shop? How about  Bonky Parking?

The unfunny thing about this page is it’s not updated regularly enough.