Eureka! HK's Contemporary Dance Company rediscovers its mojo

Hong Kong dance veterans in top form in tight and well-rehearsed triple bill

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 September, 2015, 6:01am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 September, 2015, 6:01am

The Greek word "eureka" famously means "I have found it!" and it is a fitting title for a new triple bill in which City Contemporary Dance Company finely finds its mojo after a period in the doldrums.

While very different in style, all three works are ensemble pieces. Tight and well-rehearsed, they show the company's veterans in top form and its young dancers progressing and developing distinctive individual voices.

Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's classic play La Ronde, Victor Fung's If These Walls Could Talk is a series of duets representing sexual encounters, after each of which one partner moves on to another until the circle is complete. The tone is mostly light and the piece is very funny, with a few darker moments.

The weak point is a lack of actual dance, although there's some tricky technical manoeuvring. Ivan Chan is hilarious as the office nerd, Terry Tsang insufferably smug as the spoilt star and Qiao Yang splendidly sexy as both lofty female boss and jaded lover.

Lai Tak-wai's Overwhelming presents 10 dancers, each of whom manipulates a large, geometrically shaped wooden box (above). These are fitted together to create shapes - a wall, a house - or deployed individually to create patterns around the stage. The piece is admirable in its technical complexity.

More importantly, Lai transcends the mechanical aspects to create a poetic piece with a lovely elegiac quality, enhanced by Low Shee Hoe's atmospheric lighting. The opening and closing solos for Dominic Wong and his duet with Noel Pong are poignant.

As well as being a dancer and choreographer, Bruce Wong is a dedicated martial artist and his How to become … pays tribute to that side of his experience. This is a well-structured, entertaining piece which showcases the whole company.

Natasha Rogai

Eureka, City Contemporary Dance Company

Cultural Centre Studio Theatre. Reviewed: September 18