Beyond cantopop: Bamboo Star and The Anello are two Hong Kong talents with international appeal

Home grown musicians are stepping out of garages and home studios to fill the void that international acts leave

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 October, 2015, 6:58pm
UPDATED : Friday, 15 April, 2016, 1:09pm


The music scene is alive and kicking in Hong Kong; if you dare look for it. While music lovers and concert-goers often complain about the lack of international acts coming to perform in our city, there are home-grown talents emerging from the garages and home-studios of Hong Kong. We’ve shortlisted two rising local acts to follow:

The band: Bamboo Star

Wilfred Chung, lead singer

Bamboo Star has been featured on ATV twice and performed on stages of all sizes including the The Underground Festival at HK Fanzone and AIA’s New Year's Eve Countdown. The band was named winners of this year’s Planetrox band competition.

Describe your sound:

We've been described as classic metal, contemporary heavy rock, J-rock, glam metal, pop rock, speed blues... I personally like to just call it hard rock and let the audience decide.

What have you been up to?

We released our first independently produced EP this week. The album launch party was yesterday at Orange Peel, Central.

Describe the music scene in Hong Kong:

It's a very cantopop dominated market, no question about that; but in the last decade or so we've seen a healthy change where people are being exposed to different genres that are available in Hong Kong. It's very much an awareness raising exercise in that people are receptive to new music, they just don't know about it yet.

The biggest challenge facing the scene right now is probably property pricing and zoning laws (this is HK after all). We've had a few venues close down so it really becomes a race between artists/promoters/fans and the cost of actually existing. So while interest in the live music scene is improving, it needs to move even faster!

Another band we love is: Hey Joe Trio (Blues rock)


The Band: The Anello

Michal and Jeff

The Anello is a new music collaboration in Hong Kong and have been featured around Asia including performances at Clockenflap, The Hong Kong Art Fair, City Jazz Festival, The Hai Yang Music Festival in China and various tours in Taiwan and Vietnam. 

Describe your sound:

Our sound is a mix of electronic and R&B.

When can we next catch you?

Our next gig is Secret Island Party. We're playing the Corona Stage at 11:45pm this Friday, October 16. Our other main big gig this month is the Munchies x Movember Street Party on October 31st.

Describe the music scene in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong has a burgeoning independent scene and the fanbase is growing in maturity along with the musicality and prominence of the bands. There is an increasing number of events like Clockenflap and Secret Island Party along with a range of smaller festivals, fairs, busks and guerrilla music events.

Another band we love is: GDJYB.