The five most popular hosts on Chinese live-streaming site

Comedians, a talk show host, a ballad singer with bad-boy looks and, at number one, Xia Keke, who sings, belly dances, and dresses up as film and book characters on a Chinese answer to YouTube

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 March, 2016, 6:02pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 13 March, 2016, 6:02pm

Xia Keke, singer, dancer

185,000 viewers

Xia Keke, 22, rose to fame in 2014 for her range of acts – she sings, she belly dances, she even dresses up like Chinese princesses. To fans, Xia goes the extra mile. By appearing as film or storybook characters from time to time, she is winning the hearts of many lonely men who tune into her two daily shows.

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Li Ge, stand-up comedian

185,000 viewers

Li Ge, or “Brother Li”, is the site’s most popular comedian. Li’s rapping style and slapstick humour have attracted a huge fan base over the years, making him one of the highest-paid celebrities on the social platform. Li, after becoming an internet celebrity, also started an agency that manages other popular internet comedians and often hosts collaborative shows online.

Wang Mian, singer

132,000 viewers

Wang Mian, also known as “brother Mian”, covers pop hits and ballads on his daily live-streaming show. Vocal talent aside, the 30-year-old’s bad-boy looks and playboy personality helped boost his popularity among the young, female demographic.

Picasso, current affairs commentator

126,000 viewers

Picasso started out as a voice actor, doing voice-overs for commercials and television shows. Through friends’ encouragement, he registered with YY, where he gained a following for his commentary about current affairs and book readings. Picasso was so popular, he won a vote to co-host the company’s awards ceremony with 10 million fans making him their choice.

Li Xianliang, talk show host, comedian

83,000 viewers

Like Li Ge, Li has built a career out of making fun of everything and anything on the internet. He responds to fans who leave comments in real time during his webcast by playing short, well-known one-liners from movies and lip-syncs to songs, with over-the-top expressions.