Is Hong Kong ready for a festival celebrating sexual pleasure?

Featuring a sensual dance, a porn film screening at a secret venue and a demonstration of the Japanese art of bondage, the Orgasmo festival is intended to get Hongkongers talking more about sex

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 March, 2016, 3:07pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 March, 2016, 4:15pm

Hong Kong’s first festival celebrating the orgasm will feature a pornographic film screening at a secret venue seating over 1,000 – conjuring up images of a hall full of grisly old men doing unspeakable things beneath their dirty raincoats.


【#高潮節 宣傳片來了~ #Orgasmo Promo is Here!】Oh…嗯…嚟啦!嚟啦,高潮節宣傳片到啦。Oh YESS! It's coming.. IT'S HERE! the ORGASMO promo video has just come out. -------------高潮節前戲 The Foreplay for ORGASMO:學習源自日本的技術,在一收一放間享受一息興奮。The class is going to be about a skill originated from Japan. Enjoy the brief excitement in between breathes.神秘教育部 GOOOOOD Secret Academy/〔 神秘教育部/第二課/鹽花學堂-【息】〕 [Pause]2 APR 2016 - 立即購票|Ticket Available at:$250(高潮節主菜 The Climax for ORGASMO:欣賞節奏、激情、舞蹈、神祕情色電影,慶祝極致高潮。Enjoy the beats, love, dance and the secret erotica in celebration of orgasm.神秘電影院 GOOOOOD Secret Movie〔 ORGASMO 高潮節 〕15 MAY 2016 - 立即購票|Ticket Available at:$200(現有優惠包括 Promotion:-Horny Bee $165(凡登記成GOOOOOD People即可享有優惠票價, Register as GOOOOOD People and get the ticket at $165)-持有[高潮節]票的參加者將可以優惠價$200購買[鹽花學堂門票]Ticket holder of #Orgasmo will be entitled a special discount for attending 【Pause】for $200.

Posted by Goooood Secrets 神秘電影院 on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

That’s precisely what it’s not intended to be. But the festival, Orgasmo, is all about sex. It starts with a demonstration on April 2 of shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage, and reaches its climax on May 14 with the film screening, which will be preceded by a sensual dance performance choreographed by Hong Kong-based Alice Rensy.

The festival’s organiser, GOOOOOD Secrets – a group of young cultural enthusiasts who run offbeat events – says it hopes to bring back the glory days of Hong Kong porn cinemas, a time before the internet when film listings in newspapers were full of what Cantonese people call “salty flicks”.

(Even if those films were not great entertainment, their Chinese titles, with the most dreadful puns, certainly livened up the listings.)

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In a statement announcing the event, GOOOOOD Secrets says: “On-screen nudity wasn’t a big deal back then, but most people nowadays consider Category III movies as outrageous. Who says movies about sex are not good ones? The time has come for us to open up the dialogue about sex.”

Tracy Wong, spokesperson for GOOOOOD Secrets, doesn’t think young people in Hong Kong are more prudish than older generations. “Hong Kong people have always been reticent when it comes to talking about sex,” she says, something she feels is a shame. The festival is intended as a counterpoint to the way most people consume internet porn today - alone.

The film that will be shown is Asian and “woman focused” — in other words, nothing like the sort of film that earned the old, and not very respectable, Yau Ma Tei Theatre its big following in the 1980s.

Tickets are on sale now (full price HK$200), with half the proceeds going to AIDS concern. For more information about Orgasmo, click here.