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Hong Kong’s top 10 trending YouTube videos of 2018 revealed

  • From a guy talking about adopting his poodle Brownie to fitness videos and comedy street scenes, this is one varied list
  • Former TVB actress Coffee Lam features in two
PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 December, 2018, 6:33pm
UPDATED : Friday, 07 December, 2018, 6:33pm

YouTube has released its list of Hong Kong’s top 10 trending videos of 2018, featuring content created by local entertainers.

The list features both well-known local celebrities as well as a number of everyday users and local creator groups.

The videos on this list are all ranked by the number of views they received in Hong Kong, although the figures used are for worldwide views because YouTube has not revealed the local-only numbers. Let’s get started.


In 10th spot is Hong Kong YouTuber Yaki Wong’s 18-minute video explaining how she dropped her weight from 59kg to 47kg (130lbs to 104lbs). Published in June, it has over 1,375,000 views.


In ninth place is Hong Kong YouTuber and tutor Carl Ho’s three-minute video explaining a viral video of a machine sorting falling balls by colour. Published in January, it has over 1,290,000 views.


The next two videos are produced by MiHK (Made in Hong Kong).

In eighth place is a video of reactions of passers-by to MiHK’s flower giveaway challenge for Valentine’s Day. Published in February, it has over 650,000 views.


The seventh top-trending video filmed the reactions of bystanders to “smoke-producing farts” and features Coffee Lam. Published in April, it has over 686,000 views.


In sixth place is a five-minute video by Hong Kong YouTuber Smiling Boris about the adoption of his dog, Brownie. Published in March, it has over 743,000 views.


The next three videos were all produced by local creator group FHProductionHK. The fifth is a 10-minute video titled “giving up on someone”. Published in February, it has over 532,000 views.


Fourth on the list is FHProductionHK’s half-hour-long production about “ghostly followers”, featuring internet celebrities such as Nina To Siu-kiu. Published in June, it has over 697,000 views.


Ranked third is FHProductionHK’s 10-minute video about fate, filmed in the group’s signature comedy style. Published in January, it has over 749,000 views.


Second on the list is yoga instructor and former TVB actress Coffee Lam’s 20-minute fitness video explaining how to get slimmer thighs in two weeks, featuring fellow TVB actress Grace Wong as a guest. It was published in April and has over 2,580,000 views.


Drumroll please. Topping the list is the first episode of Hong Kong stand-up comedian Dayo Wong’s 2012 show. Released online in March, it has notched up over 1,041,000 views.