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11 things you may not know about Asia’s biggest YouTube stars

  • YouTube stars are some of the most famous personalities on the internet - and many Asian faces have made it big on the platform, creating content involving everything from food and travel to tech and fashion
  • Indonesian food YouTuber Nikmatul Rosiah’s most popular recipe is a fish curry, and Singaporean influencer Jamie Chua once spent US$22,600 replacing a Cartier earring

1. What video shot comedian Nigel Ng’s alter ego Uncle Roger to fame?

His roast of a BBC egg fried rice video. Learn more
Nigel Ng, aka Uncle Roger, now has 903,000 subscribers on YouTube – weeks earlier, before his viral video reacting to a BBC video about how to cook rice, he had 9,000.

2. What is Indonesian food YouTuber Nikmatul Rosiah’s most popular recipe?

Fish curry. Learn more
Hong Kong YouTube star Rosidah Dobson shares cooking and family videos. Photo: Jonathan Wong

3. What is the most popular recipe on Mandy Fu’s Souped Up Recipes channel?

Chicken fried rice. Learn more
Chinese YouTuber Mandy Fu is the creator of the popular Souped Up Recipes channel that teaches how to make Chinese food in clear, simple steps. Photo: Courtesy of Mandy Fu

4. What was Coffee Lam’s job before she became a fitness influencer?

Television actress. Learn more
Hong Kong YouTube fitness influencer Coffee Lam has more than 1.3 million subscribers. Photo: Jonathan Wong

5. How much did Singaporean influencer Jamie Chua spend replacing a Cartier earring?

S$30,000 (US$22,600). Learn more
Singaporean socialite and influencer Jamie Chua has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and close to half a million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Photo: courtesy of Jamie Chua

6. What taboo did Singaporean beauty YouTuber Tina Yong break?

She revealed what she earned from YouTube. Learn more
Singapore-based Tina Yong is one of Asia’s most popular beauty YouTubers, but she also opens up on issues that others in her position might shy away from. Photo: Courtesy of Tina Yong

7. What is Malaysia-based food YouTuber Trevor James’ idea of a happy life?

Eating durian every day. Learn more
Trevor James, aka The Food Ranger, began making street food videos as an undergraduate in 2013. Photo: Courtesy of Trevor James

8. Which other famous YouTuber describes Hong Kong’s J Lou as his “favourite niece”?

Uncle Roger. Learn more
J Lou at the pier in Sai Kung in Hong Kong. The YouTube star talks about being a rice addict and why her most popular video with her mum was so nerve-racking to film. Photo: Dickson Lee

9. How did the TiffWithMe sisters stand out in Singapore’s YouTube scene?

By creating videos in Chinese. Learn more
Singaporean sisters Tiffanie (left) and Michy Lim say they create videos in Mandarin to help other young people in the city state embrace the language. Photo: Tiffanie and Michy Lim

10. What did carpenter Grandpa Amu build in the video that shot him to fame?

A wooden stool. Learn more
Fans of YouTube and Xigua Video star Wang Dewen call the carpenter a modern-day Lu Ban after China’s legendary woodworker. Photo: Wang Baocheng

11. What are the size of Chinese tech YouTuber Naomi Wu’s breast implants?

A huge 1,250cc. Learn more
Chinese YouTube star Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu in a video where she took 3D scans of herself. Photo: Courtesy of Naomi Wu