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Lauren German (left), and Tom Ellis in a still from Lucifer, now in its last series on Netflix. Photo: John P. Fleenor/Netflix via AP

Nostalgic stars of Lucifer on Netflix stars promise good-slash-great finale to supernatural detective series after a six-year run

  • Tom Ellis and Lauren German, who star as the devil and the detective in the Netflix series, look back fondly on its six-year run
  • They talk about the exciting grand finale, becoming household names and changing their looks

After six years, Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German are kissing goodbye to their devil-and-detective double act.

They’ve been solving crimes together on the show that started on Fox, was cancelled and rose again (thanks to fan support) on Netflix. The final 10 episodes are now on the streaming service and the two leads are feeling nostalgic.

“We finished shooting the series completely, so the nostalgia has been creeping in more and more,” German says. “There are so many lovely memories. It was beautiful. Such a good way to go out and sure, excited to go and do other things.”

Ellis agrees, adding that sometimes the memories feel so fresh, it doesn’t seem like a long time ago.

“All of us are just so fond of the show and working on it,” he says. “But I think at the same time, you know, six years of doing something is a blessing, and you kind of feel like you want to go off and do other things. Certainly as a creative soul, you want to play other characters.”

Both actors were chatting virtually from New York, looking decidedly different from their on-screen characters. Aside from the lack of costume – the lord of hell being partial to a three-piece designer suit, and police detective Chloe Decker often in a jeans, blazer and badge combo – they’ve both had a makeover in the hair department.

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“I’ve been calling it midlife crisis hair,” explains German. “I just got myself a bottle of bleach and went to town. I wanted to change it. I chopped it, bleached it.”

“This is my natural look,” adds Ellis, gesturing to his head full of curls. “For several seasons on Lucifer, I had to straighten my hair. I’m not missing those days, and I’m really, I’m very much embracing the curl and I’m in New York at the moment. So the humidity is also embracing the curl.”

As for whether fans will embrace the final episode, Ellis says he hopes they’ll enjoy where the journey ends.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in a still from Lucifer. Photo: John Fleenor/Netflix

As the season starts, Lucifer is expected to take over from God, who retired after defeating his twin brother, Michael, in a battle for the top job in Heaven. Chloe has given up her police job to be his consultant – a role reversal after all his years helping her and the Los Angeles Police Department.

“We committed to the ending we’ve got, and I think it’s a really, really good, great ending – good-slash-great ending,” Ellis says.

“Fingers crossed that people love it. If they don’t love the ending, it will be disappointing, but I don’t think it will, like, I don’t think it will be the be-all and end-all. I think the whole experience of the Lucifer experience over six seasons will be what they walk away with.”

Lauren German as Chloe Decker in a still from the series. Photo: John Fleenor/Netflix

Their lives have also changed off-screen over six years. German got a dog – a “massive one”, according to Ellis. He got married. The actors also become a lot more recognisable.

“I hate using the phrase ‘household names’, but I think within the realms of, like, TV these days, there’s so much content, for us to be in a show that people know and recognise and at least have, like, one member of their family that watches it – that feels like a massive achievement,” he said.

“It’s really lovely, the comments that you get,” agrees German, who doesn’t want to take too much credit since she didn’t write the show.

Lucifer was originally on Fox, before it was dropped, then picked up by Netflix after an outcry from its fans. Photo: John Fleenor/Netflix

Fans have approached her to say Lucifer made them want to become a police officer or that the Chloe-devil relationship helped them through their marriage problems.

“Just to know that you’ve touched someone even in the smallest way, those are the times that really get to me and make my heart feel happy,” she says.

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