Two easy-to-use cameras for children under 7, and a fun label printer

Smartwatch and Bluetooth camera offer range of options for those for whom the small buttons on a phone or conventional camera may be too small

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 November, 2015, 5:08am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 November, 2015, 5:05am

Little children have access to more technology than ever before. And one of their favourite activities is taking pictures. For parents, the challenge is finding inexpensive, good-quality, easy-to-use cameras. This week we look at two devices that satisfy all three requirements, as well as some toys that make use of an alternate definition of “shoot” and something that’ll help instil some order into your spring and summer.

Kidizoom Smart Watch DX (VTech)

VTech has packed an amazing number of features into one kid-friendly smartwatch. For example, your little one can take photos, shoot videos, play games and record his or her voice. He or she can also use the Smart Watch DX as a pedometer, timer, alarm and, gasp, as an actual watch (choose a clock display from among more than 50 analogue or digital options). It’s all accessible through an easy-to-use touch screen display. The rechargeable battery lasts anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending on usage. And the internal memory can store a day’s worth of pictures and videos that Mum or Dad can USB over to your computer for editing. The DX watch is splash- and sweatproof, but not intended for underwater use. Ages 4+. US$44.99


Snap Pets (WowWee)

Snap Pets are cute, easy-to-use Bluetooth cameras that are great for taking selfies, group shots and more. It all starts by pairing the free app with your Pet (they come in a variety of colours and animals). Once that’s done, you can start shooting. Sometimes it’s hard – especially for people with small hands – to hold the phone for a selfie and push the shutter button without messing up the shot or dropping the phone. But Snap Pet gives you several options. The Pet is small enough to fit in a child’s hand, and all you do is hold it at arm’s length and push the button on its head. Your selfie is automatically Bluetoothed over to your phone or tablet. Want to include yourself in a group action shot? No problem. Just put your Pet down, set the timer and start dancing. Phone ran out of juice? No problem there either. The Snap Pet can store up to 20 pictures that you can download, edit and share with your besties later. Ages 6+. About US$29.95.


LabelWorks Label Printers (Epson)

Winter hasn’t even arrived, but we’re already starting to think about spring cleaning and even plan for the summer, both of which involve plenty of organisation. For those of us with not-very-legible handwriting, creating labels for files or trying to put a child’s name on the inside of a piece of clothing is a frightening prospect. Epson’s LabelWorks line makes that a lot easier. Depending on the unit and the label material, you can create just about any kind of label, including crack-and-peel, tape and iron-on. Kits generally come with several label cartridges and a keyboard that prints letters, numbers, symbols, emojis and a lot more. Prices vary.

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