Hong Kong style tips

Fashions real Hongkongers wear: Alex Maeland, photographer and co-founder of media company Maekan

Influenced by his upbringing in Atlanta, Maeland lives and breathes street culture and street wear. We turned the lens on him to see what’s in his wardrobe

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 April, 2018, 1:04pm
UPDATED : Friday, 06 April, 2018, 1:52pm

“I am a uniform dresser. I have a roster of key items that I have on rotation at any given time, and they’re usually dictated by a few key situations I’m often in: namely travel, photoshoots and dinners. I have had this thought that I should purchase a nice travel suit to wear to airports – it might make my chances of an upgrade higher!”

Maeland wears a plaid jacket by Sacai, pocket T-shirt by Hanes, jeans by DL1961, and shoes by Vans Authentic.

“Similar to the clothes I wear, my tattoos also stem from my younger years of being interested in music and bands. I grew up in Atlanta, where there is a big scene for traditional American-style tattoos, so I’ve always skewed towards script and letters that were rooted in that style. Dr Woo tattooed my neck in Los Angeles a while ago.”

Fashions real Hongkongers wear: Justine Lee, fashion director at Hong Kong Tatler magazine

Styles Maeland wears for work

Maeland wears a Jana bomber jacket by Missbish, a logo hoodie from the F***ing Awesome Store, jeans by DL1961, and Nike Air Presto Mid Acronym.

“Most of what I wear now stems from what I grew up wearing in my early years. It led to an interest in street culture and streetwear early on, and is what the majority of my career has centred around. So I’ve been fortunate that no job has ever demanded that I show up in a suit and tie.”

“I’m also a big believer in working with friends and being friends with people you work with, and I love a good backstory to a product I purchase. The majority of my wardrobe is comprised of stuff from friends who have clothing brands, or who make products. I love to support them because I feel like if I win, we all win. That philosophy has heavily informed my wardrobe as well.”

Styles Maeland wears for leisure

Bomber jacket by Acne Studios, camouflage shirt by Braid Dead, pants by Mister Green, the rue shoes by Mobs Design.

“I predominantly shop based on what I feel like I can travel comfortably in. I’ve become much less brand loyal, and my clothing decisions are dictated more by the form and function of what a brand or piece offers.”

“One of my favourite brands is a New York-based brand called Outlier. They have always made everyday wear, with a tech-material leaning. I’m constantly looking for clothes that would wear well in airports, on planes or jumping in-and-out of Ubers.”

“I call these items my essentials. They’re things that are always on rotation and always at arm’s reach. For example, the Aesop ginger flight therapy mitigates the fatigue caused by travel, and I use the Louis Vuitton travel wallet because since I travel so often, I decided to just use the passport holder as a wallet indefinitely. I think the hat is the Atlanta in me that just won’t go away. I grew up wearing New Era 59Fifty fitted hats as a big fan of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. I’d say I wear hats like 50 per cent of the week.”

Fashions real Hongkongers choose: Bastian Wong, founder and director of PR agency Flare Communications

Maeland’s essentials include a New Era 59Fifty hat, a black business cardholder from EXI. T, Psychic Blues Hand Fogged Film, an iPhone X, Aesop ginger flight therapy, a double barrel vaporiser, a Monteverde multi-tool + stylus pen, a Black Contax T3 Camera, a Braun ET 66 calculator by Dieter Rams and a Louis Vuitton passport holder.