Five Hong Kong wedding photographers who can capture your big day in style

Whether you want a fairytale fantasy, a high fashion photoshoot, a documentary-style journal or just a crazy abstract concept, these five photographers are ready to show you and your partner in the best light

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 May, 2018, 2:17pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 May, 2018, 12:11pm

Finding a photographer for your big day is one of the most important decisions you have to make while planning your wedding. It is crucial to find a photographer whose style matches your personality and preferences.

Here are five great Hong Kong photographers with their own distinct approach to wedding photography. 

Most creative

Tang Ying-ki, perhaps the wildest wedding photographer in town, is full of crazy, out-of-the-box ideas. He goes to great lengths to tell the newlyweds’ story visually. This includes staging elaborate backgrounds, including stitching 99 photos together to form a final image. 

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For a couple whose husband was taking care of his sick wife, Tang had both of them sitting in artificial snow while the groom knitted a fiery red scarf around the bride’s neck, symbolising the warmth he brought her.

For another couple, whose dream was to see the aurora borealis, he recreated the northern lights using light painting techniques.  One playful shoot had the groom naked on a toilet and the bride in a bathtub – they run a bathroom supplies shop together, and they know most couples, even married ones, are shy in the bathroom.

Inquiries: 6817 1288;


Wedding shots by  CTKKIT Photography scream Vogue and could almost pass for magazine spreads. Chan Kit began his career as a commercial photographer shooting for fashion magazines and advertisements, and it has influenced his pictures.

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His photos tend to have a higher contrast and the colours to be more saturated and vibrant.  Chan, who dislikes banal poses such as hugging or holding hands, often advises clients on how to strike a stylish pose. Since he often captures the details of the gown or tuxedo, he also suggests customers pick outfits that are chic and sophisticated. 

Inquiries: 6487 0944; CTKKIT Photography  

Fine art storytelling 

After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in film and media production, Jeremy Wong covered more than 400 weddings in Britain, before returning to Hong Kong and establishing Jeremy Wong Weddings. Fine art storytelling means “documenting a wedding or pre wedding with a creative, artistic style but remaining true to the natural moment,” says Wong. His style is fun and light-hearted. 

We love his Rene Magritte-inspired balloon photo as well as his romantic top-down shot. There may not be any iconic buildings in the background, but you can definitely tell it’s taken in Hong Kong. 

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Studio portraits

If you think studio portraits are serious and realistic photos, Ben Tang will make you think again. The award-winning photographer counts celebrity such as actress Myolie Wu and actor Edmond  So among his clients. Photo By Ben owns a 10,000 sq ft studio in Kwun Tong, with more than 20 different backgrounds. 

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The advantage of shooting indoors, says Tang, is that all factors such as weather and light are under his control. The studio also offers a more private setting, so for those who are feeling sexy, Tang can clear the scene for bridal boudoir photos. 

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Jan Wong from Jan Wong Photography has been in the industry for a decade. With quick instincts and a keen eye for detail, he captures authentic moments in a wedding, whether it’s a tear in the bride’s eyes or the page boy doing a facepalm while walking down the aisle.  He believes wedding photos are meant for a lifetime, so photographers cannot blindly follow the current trends and over-edit the images. Instead of imposing a strong personal photographic style onto his subjects, he prefers keeping the images natural and simple. 

Inquiries: 9078 8820;  Jan Wong Photography