Seven fashion trends that should have ended up in the bargain bin, from duct-tape bikinis to the T-shirt shirt

Male rompers, cut-out jeans, ultra-long sleeves – we bring you the worst fashion disasters to hit the catwalk in recent months

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 July, 2018, 7:18pm
UPDATED : Friday, 20 July, 2018, 7:18pm

Fashion designer and tape artist Joel Alvarez caught the world’s attention, although perhaps for the wrong reasons, when he debuted his collection at Miami Swim Week two days ago – duct-tape bikinis that barely cover anything.

It’s up there with the weirdest fashions we’ve seen on catwalks in the past 18 months. Here’s a reminder of some of the worst:

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1. Duct-tape bikinis

Forget your swimsuit? Why not try a quick fix and use some duct tape.

However, they are a fashion item too, with models in the past walking down the catwalk wearing nothing but the sticky household item.

It definitely doesn’t sound very glamorous. And just imagine removing them.

2. Naked wedding dress

This wedding jumpsuit, designed by Hervé Moreau for Spanish actress Cristina Pedroche, takes the nude look literally. Stars go semi-naked on the red carpet to turn heads, but walking down the aisle like this? We’ll let your relatives judge.

3. Cut-out jeans

We are not exactly paying for the materials when we buy designer jeans. But with this pair of extreme cut-out jeans by Carmar Denim, which costs US$168, you are not getting anything at all – so much has been cut out that all there’s left are pockets, belt and some dangling seams.

4. Male rompers

RompHim came up with rompers for him last year, raising US$355,000 on Kickstarter and taking the internet by storm.

Los Angeles-based brand Hologram City took it further by introducing see-through male rompers in lace. Complete with bumbags and futuristic laser-shooting sunglasses.

5. T-shirt shirt

Balenciaga does it again with its T-shirt shirt, priced at US$1,290, which is essentially a shirt glued to a T-shirt. Talking about overpriced (and overrated) clothing items, let’s not forget its US$2,145 bag that looked exactly like Ikea’s 99-cent shopping bag.

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6. Thigh-high Ugg Boots

If you hate Uggs (or even if you love them), wait till you see Y/Project’s debut at the Paris Fashion Week in January. Chunky ruched boots, stiletto ones if you prefer heels, that go up to your thighs and add 50 pounds to your silhouette. They come in different prints and materials – leather, denim and snake print among them.

Even Rihanna couldn’t pull it off.

7. Ultra-long sleeves

How long is too long? Last year, Y/Project introduced a denim jacket with sleeves so long they reached to the floor. If you don’t want to sweep as you go, push them up to create a ruched effect.