From Madonna’s mask to Philips water mister: DIY beauty gadgets give you a spa experience at home

  • Gadgets for hair curling and removal, facial masks, LED light and microcurrent therapy and water misters
  • These tools offer the latest beauty treatments in your own home
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 13 November, 2018, 12:48pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 November, 2018, 8:14pm

Fight ageing, clear breakouts, remove your hair and slim your body – it can all be done at home with a new generation of gadgets that are more than just gimmicks. No longer do you need to head to an overpriced spa to have access to gadgets and gizmos that give professional results.

In fact, with a little dedication, continuous use of certain devices over a long-term period can actually offer results that exceed those you get in a one-off treatment – or at the very least, complement them.

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But while many of these retail gadgets cost roughly the same as a couple of facial appointments, no one really wants a bathroom counter loaded with the weight of a dozen different machines, each with a different and specific function – and besides, who has the time?

When Madonna’s skincare line, MDNA Skin, launched two years ago in Hong Kong and last year in America, netizens balked at one of its hero products: the Chrome Clay Mask. It costs HK$1,800 for a 100ml jar of Italian clay which could only be removed by a special magnetic wand, called the Skin Rejuvenator, which brings the price for product and tool to a cool HK$4,680.

It may sound like a splurge, but that’s cheaper than two 90-minute Purify Treatment facials at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, which is the exclusive local provider of MDNA Skin services (the retail products are also available in its bricks-and-mortar gift shop).

The all-in-one device features two specially designed heads, one for removing impurities [via the clay mask], and the other for infusing the skin with beauty ingredients.

So on days you aren’t masking, the slimmer end of the wand is great for ensuring your serum – MDNA or not – reaches deeper layers of the dermis making this a device that can do daily duty.

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Which is exactly the point. Since hardly anyone has the time or budget to have professional treatments on an every day basis, at-home tech is becoming a useful stopgap between sessions.

“Today’s innovative beauty gadgets are true game changers in enhancing your routine,” says Jessica Louie, head of beauty and well-being for Lane Crawford.

“They deliver quick and effective results, and since they can be used daily they can provide more consistent skincare maintenance than weekly or monthly spa treatments.”

On its website,, the luxury department store offers a number of lines that specialise in salon results: nuface’s skin-toning machines are hardly for low-maintenance users, but promise measurable results; the same goes for No! No!, a brand known for helping users achieve permanent hair removal – with consistent effort.

Foreo’s silicone Issa toothbrushes are meant to be less abrasive than traditional ones, with less likelihood for bacteria build-up on their bristles; while its latest innovation, the UFO, uses heat and LED light therapy to shorten sheet-masking time to just 90 seconds (the catch, of course, is that you have to use its proprietary masks). Now the question is, are you dedicated enough to take on the job?

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Here are four other home devices that can replace professional spa and salon services.


Curls without fuss: ghd Oracle

A curling iron might not seem newfangled, but ghd’s Oracle ups the ante by making it easier to use. There’s no wrapping, twisting or turning – run it through your hair like you would a straightening iron and end up with salon-perfect curls.

Hydration in an instant: Philips HydraCube Portable Mist

Forget misting with Evian; fill up this exclusive-to-Hong Kong misting device, which uses ultrasonic vibration technology to break water into ultra-fine particles so it can penetrate your skin more easily and deeply for a mid-day hydration pick-me-up that won’t disturb your make-up.

The non-invasive facial: Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ Rose Gold Kit

Available online from Sephora Hong Kong, Skin Inc’s Chromotherapy-based Tri-Light uses red light to improve elasticity, blue to calm and control acne and yellow to fade dark circles and scars, with a recommended dosage of 10 minutes, up to twice a day. Non-invasive, easy-to-use and not messy, this is an easy addition to your pre-bedtime routine that gives results with consistent use.

Lift and contour: ReFa 4 Carat Ray

The latest generation of Japanese brand ReFa’s Carat Ray roller continues to help contour and lift the face using solar-powered microcurrents, so there’s no battery or charging needed. The diamond-cut rollers grip and knead the skin, replicating the motions of an spa facial massage to boost lymphatic drainage and tone skin, while the microcurrent triggers the body’s natural healing processes to fight ageing.