Five fashion designers whose stars will rise in 2019, from Richard Quinn to Boyy

  • Voluminous Victorian sleeves, affordable handbags with a masculine vibe – look forward to some more style statements from these innovators
  • They are the designers to keep you eye on next year
PUBLISHED : Saturday, 29 December, 2018, 2:15pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 29 December, 2018, 2:15pm

This year, we travelled the world to highlight new fashion talent.

From New Zealander Maggie Hewitt, founder of Maggie Marilyn, to Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Richard Quinn and Shushu/Tong, a Chinese duo known for their quirky creations, here are the designers you’ll hear more about in 2019.

1. Richard Quinn, UK

Creative director of a big house? No way, says the British designer who, despite being approached by many fashion labels wanting to harness his talent, is staying firmly focused on his own brand.

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2. Maggie Marilyn, New Zealand

Within a year of her graduation, Maggie Hewitt’s fashion brand had gone global and is now the hottest label coming from New Zealand.

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3. Shushu/Tong, Shanghai

The Chengdu-born and Shanghai-based pair behind Shushu/Tong’s prim high necklines, peplums and voluminous Victorian sleeves have been inspired by pop culture’s quirky femme fatales.

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4. Snow Xue Gao

This aspiring Chinese artist made a reluctant switch to fashion – and her show was a hot ticket at New York Fashion Week.

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5. Boyy, Thailand

The pair behind the label launched to make affordable handbags with a masculine vibe decided on a new direction before the buckle motif transformed Boyy’s fortunes.

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