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Beauty influencer Mianne Chan is one of a range social media stars breaking down beauty for eager audiences.

5 of the best beauty influencers to follow on YouTube and Instagram

  • From Claire Marshall to Mianne Chan, these influencers offer easy-to-follow tutorials, fascinating insights, and most of all, a lot of fun
  • Fans of cat cameos will not be disappointed

Thanks to social media, beauty content is more accessible than ever before. But with so much available it’s hard to find the really good stuff out there.

To save you some time, here are five influencers you should check out.

Claire Marshall


Born in South Korea, abandoned as a baby and adopted by an American single mum, Marshall has a personal story and upbringing that adds to her personality and influences much of her content.

Marshall is easily one of the most refined and creative video editors on YouTube right now. Make sure you check out her Japan series with Tatcha.

With her background as a freelance make-up artist, Marshall creates tutorials that are easy to follow, and offers empties, favourites and review videos that are informative and honest.

She also has other side projects outside make-up: she has collaborated with Mejuri on two jewellery collections and is about to release a third, and in 2016 she designed shirts that helped the non-profit Pencils of Promise open a school in Ghana.

Also, with her mother now suffering from dementia, Marshall has become an advocate for self-care, therapy and mindfulness. Bonus: she has an adorable black cat named Bruce who has his own Instagram account (@bruciferlee).

Jovita George


Before she was a YouTuber, Indian influencer Jovita George worked in engineering and marketing, and was Miss Kerala in 2005. She’s now a full-time influencer who lives in Kuwait with her husband and two cats.

George has a wonderful “Cultural make-up” series on her channel, in which she applies one culture’s make-up style on one side of her face, and a contrasting culture’s style on the other. Aside from being a beautiful showcase of different cultures through beauty trends, she backs this series up with a lot of research, and makes it fun and educational.

Perhaps most importantly, George is vocal and honest on her YouTube channel and Instagram account about the beauty industry’s lack of inclusion, and calls out brands when they fail to offer a range of shades that cater to consumers with deeper skin tones.

If bold and colourful looks are what you love, you’ll adore George.

Mianne Chan


While she doesn’t have her own channel, Chan, who’s a video producer and beauty writer for Refinery29, has a series on the company site’s YouTube channel called Beauty With Mi.

In the series, Chan tests some of the beauty industry’s quirkiest trends (acupuncture facial, anyone?), gets her make-up done by celebrity make-up artists like Patrick Ta and Daniel Martin (Gigi Hadid and Meghan Markle’s MUAs respectively), replicates looks from different eras, tries a zero-waste beauty routine, and much more.

Chan is also a fabulous fixture for your Instagram feed. With a cherubic face, strong athletic frame and blue hair, she is a breath of fresh air and welcome representation of a different style of Asian beauty.

If you’re after inspiration to try bolder shades or statement-making looks, Chan’s sped up Instagram GRWM (get ready with me) videos, with occasional cameos from her cat, are all you need.

Natasha Moor


Moor is a Hong Kong-based bridal make-up artist who has built her own make-up empire. Her feed is full of the gorgeous South Asian brides she makes over for their special days, but also of her adventures all over the world.

Far from being a hard-sell self-promoter, Moor uses her platform and her own cosmetics brand to inspire others to take control of their lives and be the best version of themselves. Her own line of lipsticks has names like Limitless, Empire and Goal Digger.

Her Instagram feed is exactly what you need for that 4pm pick-me-up, when caffeine is no longer doing the trick.

Beauty Within


Never before have we been so inundated with information about the skincare industry, and the myriad of ingredients available to us – but what do they all mean?

Felicia, Mia and Rowena of this super informative and highly research-based YouTube channel break down skincare into language we can all understand.

From what the heck do toners actually do to how to get rid of acne scars, the women behind Beauty Within help their audience understand skincare ingredients, and how to understand our skin better so we know how best to care for it.

The channel’s videos all tend to be quite long, but that’s because they’re so scientific and educational. Besides explainers, they also review some of the world’s most hyped-up brands so you can make an informed decision about what to spend your money on. And because the creators come from different backgrounds, their focus spans popular brands in the US, UK, Australia and Asia.