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Valentino Beauty debuted in May 2021 with a line of products, including lipsticks.

5 easy lip make-up looks that your face mask won’t mess up: tinted gloss, ombre, stain, nude and glossy, and velvet

  • Still need to wear a mask? No problem! These five lip looks are designed to better withstand the constant friction and see you through the day

Even though many of us are still wearing face masks, there is absolutely no reason we can’t keep our lips looking spectacular. Having said that, it’s best to play around with looks that can better survive a mask. Here are five fun ideas.

Tinted gloss

Ever since the revival of the natural look in 2020, lip glosses have made a serious comeback. Lancome even brought back its iconic Juicy Tubes lip gloss that was discontinued in 2018 – that’s the level of comeback we’re talking about.

To give your lips a 2021 spin, try a tinted gloss that adds a wash of colour with loads of shine. The application is just as effortless, but it makes a bigger statement. If it smudges a little, that’s OK, thanks to its nonchalant vibe.

For that tinted gloss look – Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer plus Plumper (Hot Cherry) by Fenty Beauty (HK$188) at Sephora.
For that ombre look – Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick by Hourglass (HK$320) at Lane Crawford.


Lovers of classic lipstick can still wear their favourite product while avoiding any potential smudging from mask-wearing.

Apply your lipstick to the inside of your lips and pat it in with your fingertip or lip brush. Then, either continue with your fingertip or switch to a small fluffy brush and tap the product out just a little towards your outer lip line (don’t go all the way out and cover your whole lip – that’d be a whole different look). Voilà! Ombre lips.

By patting in the product, it makes it harder to disturb. Even if your mask touches your lip, it’s already sporting a deliberately undone look, so it won’t matter.

For that stain look – Versicolour Stain by Mac Cosmetics (HK$200) at Mac stores.


The perfect option for someone who is on autopilot and hustling all day long. A stain allows you to apply it in the morning and forget about it because even when the product wears off, your lips will still retain a degree of its hue and continue to look good until you remember to make time for reapplying.

Lip stains come in many forms, and if a traditional lipstick or liquid lip is a bit fussy for you, go for an oil lip stain. It’s glossy and hydrating, so it can also serve as a lip balm.

For that nude and glossy look – Precision Lip Liner by Nars (HK$220) at Nars stores.

Nude and glossy

People who don’t understand make-up will question the necessity of a nude, glossy look. “Why not just wear a shiny lip balm then?” Sure, that works as well, and it’s non-fussy. For a true nude and glossy look though, it takes a bit more work. The payoff? It lasts longer and looks more polished.

First, find a lip liner that is similar in shade to your lips but “better” – typically that’s something a few shades darker than your natural lip colour, but with a hint of rose, mauve or brown, whichever you prefer. Then line and fill in your whole lip with it. Lining it first will help you fine-tune the shape you want.

Give it a minute, pat it down with your fingertip, and gently blot it with a tissue to take off any excess. Then apply a clear gloss on top to give it shine and dimension.

By using a lip liner instead of a lipstick, the pigment will stay on your lips for much longer and withstand more wear and friction – you might get away with just reapplying the gloss now and then. Even if you do need to re-do the lip liner at some point in your day, it’s a fairly easy technique to master.

For that velvet look – True Velvet Lip Colour by Lisa Eldridge (£26.00 [US$36] on


More of a finish than a technique, a velvet lip is something you should definitely try if you never have before. It’s the more easy-going sister of the classic high-pigment, high-shine lipstick you’d associate with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, but no less classy. It’s still very pigmented, but it’s a demi matte that has a hint of sheen rather than an outright shine.

Apply it like you would any traditional lipstick, and pat out the edges if you’d like to soften the line.

A velvet finish gives your lips a plush look that’s elevated but not high maintenance, and looks more natural. It’s the ideal everyday lipstick.

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