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The white slip-ons and tracksuits from Squid Game have become popular items for the series fans.

Squid Game has sales of white slip-on Vans shoes rocketing and searches for retro tracksuits soaring, as fans copy iconic looks from the South Korean drama on Netflix

  • The South Korean Netflix drama has captured the imagination of millions, and many are looking to copy the characters’ costumes
  • Searches online for tracksuits and white sneakers have more than doubled, and sales of white Vans sneakers are up 7,800 per cent

White slip-on sneakers, retro tracksuits and reddish-pink jumpsuits could become some of the hottest fashion items this season, largely thanks to Netflix’s gory and wildly popular thriller Squid Game.

Sales for slip-on white Vans have catapulted 7,800 per cent since the show’s release, according to Sole Supplier.

Days after Squid Game debuted on Netflix, global searches for tracksuits and white sneakers similar to those worn by the show’s contestants rose by 97 per cent and 145 per cent respectively, according to Lyst Insights, and searches for red boiler suits resembling those worn by the brutal guards spiked by 35 per cent.

In Squid Game, cash-strapped contestants play a series of fatal children’s games for the chance of winning roughly US$38 million in prize money.

A still from Squid Game on Netflix.

Less than a month after the show’s release, it has already become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, and its success has inspired thousands of fans to create cosplays and Halloween costumes based on the show’s simple and recognisable uniforms.

Since there’s no officially licensed costume, people have got creative with their DIY Squid Game looks. Some have ironed white player numbers onto green tracksuits to dress as contestants, others have embraced the villainous characters by using anti-fog masks and white tape to create the guards’ intimidating face coverings.

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Some have even recreated the look worn by the innocent-looking-yet-murderous robot doll by wearing yellow shirts under red dresses with knee-high socks.

You can also complete the Squid Game look by smearing or splattering fake blood on your costume, which was a common sight in the show.

Tutorials on how to create Squid Game costumes have racked up around a million views on social media short-video platform TikTok and thousands of views on YouTube.

Lee Yu-mi and Jung Ho-yeon in a scene from Squid Game. Fans have ironed white player numbers onto green tracksuits to dress as contestants in the fictional survival games the show depicts. Photo: @hoooooyeony/Instagram

Amazon also has countless listings related to Squid Game, from numbered jumpsuits to the intricate mask worn by the enigmatic “frontman”, who controls the show from behind the scenes.

Netflix predicted the show could become one of the most popular TV series of all time, with engagement spreading by word of mouth on social media.