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Alexandra Anele’s off-the-cuff style and nonchalant vibe make her one of five make-up artists we recommend for their simple tips and techniques. Photo: Instagram

Five make-up influencers to follow for tips on doing your own at home, explained in simple steps

  • Lisa Eldridge is a make-up artist to stars such as Dua Lipa and Nicole Kidman, and is considered one of the most reputable make-up artists in the industry
  • Alexandra Anele’s goofiness and simplicity could be right up your alley if you are looking to move away from bubbly, millennial pink, rose gold vibes
Now that we’ve addressed how much misinformation there is online about make-up, let’s look at some social media influencers who are doing an excellent job of educating their followers on how to do it right.

From debunking social media beauty hacks to sharing their professional insights on how to improve your technique, here are five make-up artists you’ll want to follow if you’re keen to pick up some legitimate skills.

1. Lisa Eldridge

Not only is Lisa Eldridge a professional make-up artist to stars such as singer Dua Lipa and actresses Sonam Kapoor and Nicole Kidman, she’s also a make-up history enthusiast and original YouTuber (having started her channel in July 2008).

Her uploads range from “get ready with me” videos to detailed tutorials and recreations of period looks.

Eldridge is considered one of the most reputable make-up artists in the industry, and produces tutorials that are informative and feel achievable. Every now and then, her cat Ted chimes in during filming for what Eldridge calls “Ted talks”. Love.

2. Robert Welsh

Robert Welsh joined YouTube in May 2015, but his content really only took off a couple of years ago. Funny, honest and personable, Welsh is a Disney-obsessed make-up artist who shows tips in a non-intimidating way.

He also debunks nonsensical beauty hacks and offers advice on techniques that will enhance your make-up game tenfold. (His twin brother James has a skincare channel, don’t mix them up!)

While they are not the videos that drive most of his views or engagement, Welsh’s “ghost stories and make-up Mondays” (inspired by fellow YouTuber Bailey Sarian’s “mystery and make-up Mondays”) are fantastic and glamorous, spooky fun.


3. Alexandra Anele

Alexandra Anele offers a refreshing dose of goofiness and simplicity, and is another relative newbie who joined YouTube in October 2015. Her videos aren’t hyper-produced and there’s none of the bubbliness that’s too often found in beauty gurus’ videos.

There’s nothing wrong with bubbly, but Anele – with her platinum blonde pixie cut, off-the-cuff conversational style and nonchalant vibe – is a joy to watch.

She calls herself “an artist turned make-up artist” and for years created the eye make-up look photos for A-list make-up artist Pat McGrath’s social media platforms.

Her videos offer practical advice, reviews and comparisons between luxury and drugstore products. If the millennial pink, rose gold and casual chic aesthetic of so many beauty videos out there isn’t for you, Anele’s content could be right up your alley.

4. Ali Andreea

A professional make-up artist based in Paris, Ali Andreea became a YouTuber in June 2015 and is very soothing to listen to. Along with her vibrant, daring looks, Ali guides her viewers through more wearable, day-to-day styles – if you’re still learning the basics, you’re not going to find a smoky cut crease tutorial very useful.


Ali shows you how to do a chic special event look, a 10-minute routine for when you’re in a rush, or a glam-rock-inspired smoky eye that doesn’t require countless palettes and brushes.

She also reviews products and shows how to make each step of a routine work for your individual needs or skin type. Her unique blend of nonplussed sophistication and girlish charm is an added bonus. Such fun to watch.


5. Wayne Goss

Last, but certainly not least, is Wayne Goss – the undisputed master of pithy and practical make-up tips for everyday life.


Whether it’s five different ways to apply blush to suit your face shape or how to correctly apply a product, Goss has over a decade’s worth of experience he wants to share with you.

He’s very focused on teaching his viewers how to first study and understand their face, and offers lessons on how to best achieve a particular result.


There’s nothing produced about his demeanour or videos – what you see is what you get, and what you get are simple and straightforward tips that will elevate your make-up game, no matter your comfort level with cosmetics.