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US model and actress Camila Morrone, at the Chanel spring/summer 2023 show during the Paris Fashion Week, speaks to the Post about “the most iconic brand in history”. Photo: AFP

‘My heart was beating so fast’: Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, on Chanel show, acting and her ‘very normal life’

  • The Post caught up with Morrone, whose split from DiCaprio has been fodder for the tabloids, after she attended her first Chanel show in Paris Fashion Week
  • She shares why Chanel is ‘the most iconic brand in history’, the acting projects she is working on and why she feels she has a good work-life balance in LA

Camila Morrone has been in the news a lot lately – her recent split from Leonardo DiCaprio is still providing fodder for countless tabloid articles – but the model-turned-actress has been too busy working on three different projects to pay attention to all that.

Morrone, 25, who was born in Los Angeles to Argentinian parents, was recently in Paris to attend her first Chanel show and could not hide her enthusiasm after the unveiling of the label’s spring/summer 2023 collection on the last day of Paris Fashion Week on October 4.

The Post caught up with her for a quick post-show chat.

How was attending your first Chanel show?

My heart was beating so fast. It was so incredible with the music, the sparkles, the jewellery and the make-up and hair and the women.

When I think of France, I think of the most iconic brand in history. To me, it’s Chanel. So to come here with them and have a full French experience makes me feel like, here, it’s home. I’ve worked with them before in America, which was incredible, but this …

Morrone at the Chanel spring/summer 2023 show in Paris. Photo: Handout

Tell us about your acting career.

I left modelling to pursue acting five years ago and that has been my main focus. It’s what I always wanted to do and I did three productions this year, which I’m very excited about: [miniseries] Daisy Jones & The Six for Amazon Prime, [film] Gonzo Girl and [another film] Marmalade.

I’m based in LA but it’s like I live on set.

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How was growing up with actor parents?

My parents weren’t famous, but I grew up in an acting household where they were running lines and helping each other audition. They would bring me on set and I went to a couple of commercials as a kid.

Being on set is such a natural part of LA and Hollywood so I just got very comfortable being on set from a young age – but I still had a very normal childhood.

What about your Argentinian roots?

My parents left Buenos Aires just before I was born so that I could be born in America, and they were two Argentinians in LA who didn’t know anybody and created a life for me.

My whole family is there and I go there to see my cousins and aunts and uncles, and they’ve never been to America. I consider myself an Argentinian even though I grew up in America. I would love to film in Spanish one day.

Morrone left modelling to pursue acting five years ago. Photo: AFP

What’s your first memory related to the movie industry?

I remember spending a lot of time in the audition room with my parents – auditions used to be in person back then, not pre-taped or self-taped – so I would see all these actors and their characters talking to themselves and warming up.

I was so fascinated by the world of acting and people being in their own world and their hearts being their own instruments for their crafts.

How do you deal with the attention from the media and paparazzi?

I have a very normal life in between all my work obligations. I just walk my dogs and get coffee and do my business and I have a very good balance. I don’t get photographed all the time and I have a very good life in LA.

It’s only when I come to work that it happens, which comes with the territory, and if I’m in hair and make-up and wearing Chanel I’m happy to do it.

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What’s your first memory of Chanel?

I remember that my mum always had a bottle of Nº5 or N°19 on the bathroom shelf, and she always had it as the centrepiece of the bathroom to show off to guests this beautiful space.

Now, I carry on the memory and in my bathroom I have a Chanel fragrance bottle so people can walk in and see that.