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Hair lamination is a treatment that leaves your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free for weeks at a time – Kim Kardashian (left) and Kate Hudson are fans.

Why Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson love hair lamination, a shiny treatment that keeps locks frizz-free

  • How do you combat the effects of hair dye, frizz and dullness? Hair lamination can keep your locks looking lush and shiny for up to three weeks
  • Stars like Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston are fans of the hair treatment, but stylists say the heat-activated treatment can cause damage

Brow lamination has fast become one of the best non-invasive ways to get full, thick eyebrows. A different sort of lamination is available now, too – one that promises to give you soft, glossy hair.

What is hair lamination?

Hair lamination – or gloss lamination – is a coating treatment that overlays every strand to make it smoother, sleeker and healthier looking, and is done by a hairstylist.

“The mask, containing oils and protein, must be applied on washed hair and left on so that the hair shaft is penetrated deeply,” explains Stephane Ferreira, operations manager of Live True London, in England. The result? High gloss and improved texture.

Hair lamination is a coating treatment that overlays every strand to make it smoother, sleeker and healthier looking.
The mask works by sealing the hair cuticle, making it easier for your hair to repel water and moisture – which tend to be the culprits behind frizz, dullness and a crispy texture.

It is similar to the more widely known keratin treatment, but it takes less time, is less invasive and is free of harsh chemicals.

Hair lamination is a fast-acting remedy to improve dullness and dryness in a matter of seconds.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this treatment only works on the outer layer of hair strands, and it should not be considered a hair health treatment.

Jamilla Paul, the artistic director at Sisters Beauty Lounge in the United Arab Emirates, considers hair lamination a sort of make-up tool for your hair: a fast-acting remedy to improve dullness and dryness in a matter of seconds.

“The result is incredible instant gloss and shine – imagine those signature Kim Kardashian super glossy locks often seen on the red carpet. This is the result you’ll get after having a hair lamination treatment.”

It has become a go-to for various celebrities looking for a quick gloss-up to make their hair look smooth in front of the cameras.

Michael Canalé, one of the most sought-after hair colourists to celebrities, swears by the advantages of lamination, which he has used to silk up some famous manes, such as those of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian.
Michael Canalé has used hair lamination to silk up the hair of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston. Photo: GC Images

Who can do it?

The main goal is to protect your hair from the moisture loss caused by external factors such as sun exposure, harsh chemicals, toxins and oil stripping. After a lamination treatment, your hair will be able to lock in moisture more easily, staying up to 10 times more hydrated and five times glossier than it was before.

As such, the benefits of hair lamination can be enjoyed by anyone but it is an excellent option for those with dry, dull, frizzy, colour-treated and/or damaged hair, and also works great for those looking to repair split ends or improve the texture of longer locks that can be more prone to dryness.

The benefits of hair lamination can be enjoyed by anyone.

The pros and cons of hair lamination

As with everything, there are ups and downs. The procedure decreases the number of visible split ends, helps align your hair properly and makes your hair look smoother and shinier.

On top of the extra shine, your hair will be softer to the touch as the treatment gets rid of frizziness and fluffiness thanks to the layer each strand is coated with that protects it against potentially damaging external factors.

The effects of hair lamination only last two or three weeks.
On the other hand, heat exposure can be a cause for concern – the treatment needs to be activated with a hair dryer or hair straighteners after every wash. Leading hair expert Michael Van Clarke fears that there can be hair damage as a result.

“It’s not something we’ve had a chance to test, whether it accelerates the thinning and ageing of the hair shaft over time,” he explains.

“It claims to form a barrier to moisture on the surface of the hair … but we now know that it interferes with osmosis – the natural ‘breathing’ of the hair, where hair can recover lost moisture from the atmosphere.”

Another con, and one of the main reasons some people opt for a keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout, is longevity.

The effects of hair lamination only last two or three weeks – a Brazilian blowout can last for up to three months – so if you are looking to make it a regular part of your hair routine, you will go see your hair stylist at least once a month for consistent results.