LA's tomboy fashion blogger Jayne Min talks about unplanned successes

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 April, 2015, 6:05am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 April, 2015, 9:26pm


LA's tomboy fashion blogger has an infectious personal style that resonates with a global following. She talks about her handyman proclivities, a chance meeting with British designer Phoebe Philo, and her recent Pedderzine collaboration with On Pedder.

"My blog came at a good time when you could make a living out of the hobby. When I was starting out there weren't many well-known bloggers, and maybe what set me apart was that I was tomboyish and tried to infuse humour into what I was doing. Not many people were doing that at that time, as everyone was about being pretty or serious. I am probably the patron saint of tomboys who didn't have anywhere else to go.

I didn't think about my blog name, Stop It Right Now. I was in between jobs as an apparel designer at that time, and always had images to scrapbook for research. So I wanted to organise them somewhere, and quickly made a blog as a result. It was very much a "What do I name it?" kind of moment.

I never planned on my Céline print skateboards to go viral. At the time I just wanted to put skateboards on my wall. I had worked in skateboarding and grew up with that culture, so I collected them over the years. But all the ones I had were very logo [heavy] and branded. I was really into a Céline print so I decided to use it, and as things turned out it was more cost effective to print many of them versus just one set for myself. So I made a few of them, and people just wanted them. The skateboards had good responses, but it ended up in Kanye's hands and that's when it really went viral.

I was surprised by the reaction, though I'm not a Kanye super fan. I was more surprised as I found out about it through Christine Centenera, senior fashion editor for Vogue Australia, who posted it on Instagram. Only later did I realise that the picture came from Kanye's dressing room.

I eventually did meet Phoebe Philo at a Céline-hosted exhibition. I was a little bit scared if there was copyright infringement from the Céline print. By happenstance we did eventually say hello and my friend introduced me. Phoebe said the skateboards were really great, and was very encouraging. She didn't have some weird air about her, but was very personable. The experience made me like her so much more.

This season I collaborated with On Pedder to create Pedderzine. It's like a hard-copy version of my site, so a lot of what you see in my blog is what you'll see inside. I guess the difference is that there was a team to help me put the project together. Hopefully, readers will feel my personal touch as it's about my life, home, neighbourhood and dogs.

Working as an apparel designer has changed my eye. The experience has trained me to pay attention to details that aren't super obvious. I find inspiration from interiors, historical dress, buildings, nature and just about everything else. From there I bring those elements back in to fashion.

If I didn't live in Los Angeles, I would live in a different city three years at a time. I don't like the idea of forever, so it's nice to keep it fresh. I would love to live in Tokyo for a while and maybe Copenhagen because I love Scandinavian everything.

If I didn’t work in fashion I would probably do something with my hands. I like building things and getting my hands dirty and making things out of wood

I watch a lot of funny animal videos on YouTube. In Pedderzine you'll see my two dogs. They're my children that I love more than anything else. Anything cute and animal related, I will watch all of them.

If I saw Tilda Swinton on the street I would fan-girl over her. I appreciate women who have some sort of technical skill or who are hard working. I like people who have substance.

If I didn't work in fashion I would probably do something with my hands. I like building things and getting my hands dirty and making things out of wood. I'm very handy around the house and will fix whatever is broken. Any time my friends buy Ikea furniture they say, 'Jayne, come and build this for me.'"

As told to Daniel Kong