Stop busting my balls: We test yoga trousers that keep men's crotches safe at any stretch

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 May, 2015, 10:59am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 May, 2015, 11:18am

The yoga apparel business is highly competitive, with no shortage of tops, shorts and leggings in a range of styles and colours for women. But there's a dearth of options for men who like to do yoga. Most end up wearing shorts and T-shirts to do their downward dog, pigeon and headstands.

Now, though, Canadian brand Lululemon has come up with a design to make men look great on the yoga mat and outside the gym, too. It’s called ABC Pant, which stands for “anti-ball crushing” pants. The trousers aredesigned to give “the family jewels room to breathe”, according to Lululemon. 

Watch as 48 Hours editor and yogi Kevin Kwong tests the ABC Pant

Since the ABC Pant was released in late March, the trousers have been flying off the shelves in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Vanessa Yeo, community connector at Lululemon in Hong Kong, explained the concept behind the trousers. Usually, she said, the gusset, or the seam, in a pair of trousers, goes ina straight line. But the Vancouver-based brand has come up with what she called a “happy face” crotch design, with a wide panel of stretchy material in a half-moon shape. 

Because the ABC Pant doesn’t look like gym wear, the trousers can be worn anywhere. Yeo says her husband loves them so much he wears them on the plane when on business trips and can go straight to a meeting from the airport.

On the Lululemon Hong Kong website (, the ABC Pant is priced at HK$1,280. The trousers are availiable in two colours with the creative names of “black cherry” (dark purple) and “hyper lotus camo inkwell navy blue” (dark blue).