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Five hot destinations for fashion shopping in East Asia

See our insider guides to the best places to buy clothes, jewellery and more

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 July, 2015, 10:35am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 July, 2015, 10:35am

From Shanghai to Seoul and Bali to Delhi, East Asian cities ooze style. You'll be hard to put to avoid picking up some next time you visit any of these fashion capitals this summer. So we thought we'd make your shopping easier by pulling together our guides for Asian fashion buyers. Click on the headlines below to open our city guides. 

Style tripper: get high on fashion in Shanghai

JDV, a menswear boutique from Wenzhou. offers shirts, hats, belts and shoes inspired by '30s and '40s gentlemen's attire and updated for the 21st century






Delhi's best shops for fashion, from Indian couture to contemporary wear

Walk across the street and you see a fruit hawker or a woman dyeing cloth, and in the midst of this village, you have a fashion epicentre











Fashion bargains await beyond the sea in Bali

Bali has lured an array of international designers inspired by the colourful life on the Hindu island. The most successful have several outlets







Seoul fashions: your guide to shopping, from Gangnam style to hip boutiques

 Samcheong ... has streets peppered with tiny, trendy boutiques, such as the fabulous Luielle hat shop. Look your best, it is the kind of place where people get caught up in a photoshoot that seems to be taking place on every street corner.
















Phnom Penh fashion: your shopping guide

Young local designers, a cosmopolitan vibe and strong local identity make for a growing choice of vintage and indie boutiques, and high-end shops, in the Cambodian capital





James Bent chronicles Asia's most stylish neighbourhoods and people

The region's fashion savvy citizens have been channelling more energy into expressing themselves through their clothes, and in doing so have attracted the camera lens of Singapore-based British photographer James Bent in his new publication Asian Street Fashion (Thames & Hudson).

"It was completely unplanned," says the photographer, who had been writing short stories and was looking for interesting personalities to provide inspiration. Bent's book focuses on Asia, and aims to break away from stereotypes or preconceptions associated with each city, showing instead what he calls "that period in which fashion hit the streets with a nice mix of innocence and heartfelt development".