Fashion shopping in Hong Kong

Where to buy Kanye West's Yeezy collection in Hong Kong

Unisex collection inspired by the London riots of four years ago

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 November, 2015, 12:51pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 April, 2016, 12:55pm

“I don’t want the clothes to be the life. I want the clothes to help the life.” This was how Kanye West described Yeezy, the singer’s new clothing and footwear collaboration with Adidas, which launched earlier this year in New York. In spite of his usual lofty claims and awkward grammar, West has displayed an extraordinary knack for public relations, building momentum around the new brand with a string of outbursts that have stuck two fingers up to his former sportswear partner, Nike, with whom West severed ties with in 2013. 

Theatrics aside, the new unisex collaboration is likely to draw a captive audience, especially the label’s footwear. In Hong Kong, the collection is available at the Juice store in Sheung Wan, formed by Kevin Poon and Edison Chen,  the founders of Clot. They've also brought the collection over for a pop-up at their Juice store in Shanghai. 

Last year, Air Yeezy sneakers from the now defunct West/Nike partnership were being flogged on eBay for US$5,000 , following an original price tag of US$245 (HK$1,900). The new Adidas collection will debut a new style, the Yeezy 950 boot, which resembles a practical duckboot now available both men and women in neutral tones of olive, cream and navy. 

The clothing collection follows West’s style of pairing baggy tops with tight bottoms, and features oversized wool jumpers, military bomber jackets, camo-print parkas with faux fur trims and quilted vests. West describes the range as being ‘solutions-based’, but it does not come cheap, with a pair of shorts priced at HK$3,030 and a cotton hoody costing HK$4,230. Unisex garments are the main theme of the collection, which offers a range of thermal tees, sweatpants and basic crew-neck sweaters in neutral colours.

West has said that the collection’s rugged, back-to-basics aesthetic was inspired by the London riots, which took place a good four years ago. The distressed, ragtag appearance of both the clothing and the models on this year’s catwalk seems to back up the claim, which also falls in line with West’s hard-done-by public persona. This sense of conflict seems to be the backbone of the new Yeezy collaboration – a savage honesty, which, as with most of West’s endeavours, will likely carry it past critique through to success.

The Yeezy collection is available at Juice Sheung Wan, 18 A-B Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan