Five things you need to know about Topshop Unique’s show at London Fashion Week

Hot picks from British high street label’s see-now, buy-now collection include slashed zebra print dresses, city skirts slit thigh high, black vinyl jackets and lots of fuchsia pink shoes

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, 11:44am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, 11:44am

1. The British high street label adopted the see-now, buy-now formula wholeheartedly. Topshop Unique (their premium brand) went so far as to set up rails of the key pieces at a pop-up store beyond the catwalk so the fashion crowd could snap up what they wanted. Now that’s truly instant gratification.

2. The rails of colourful, catwalk-hot fashion were perfectly in tune with the show’s venue, London’s Old Spitalfields Market. Topshop had invited young designers and craftsmen to set up stalls there for the weekend as well, so everyone could experience the buzz of Fashion Week.

3. Hot picks from the new collection were sophisticated renditions of 1980s punk-meets-New-Wave looks, inspired by two of the most popular nightclub venues of the era. Slashed zebra print dresses and city skirts slit to the nether regions were juxtaposed with black vinyl jackets, a pink cocoon coat and lots of fuchsia pink shoes referencing the glamour of New Wave, while utility jumpsuits, and denim, strapping and bondage detailing paid homage to the punks.

4. Chinese movie star and singer Jiang Yiyan made a glamorous entrance to join the front row of British singers and models.

5. A big no-show was the brand’s owner Philip Green, who was lying low in the wake of the investigation into the collapse of BhS, the department store group he sold 18 months ago for £1. He may have held onto his knighthood but, having once revelled in all the celebrity photo opportunities at the catwalk show, he seems to have forfeited that prized bauble – social status.