Tania Mohan, Hong Kong fashion boutique owner, on the clothes, accessories, meals, books and trips she can’t live without Tania Mohan

Mohan, who runs funky clothes shop Tabla, she tells us why she loves Diane von Furstenberg for all occasions and why Aspen stimulates her mind and body

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 December, 2016, 12:32pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 December, 2016, 6:13pm

My favourite designer is Diane von Furstenberg. I adore her clothes – they are so easy and stylish I have worn DVF to weddings, business meetings, cocktails, fashion shows and even when flying. Super versatile.

I’m a creature of habit so I frequent the same places: Zuma for dinner and drinks, Kee Club for dim sum lunch and Friday night dancing. I am looking forward to trying Cassio, that mixture of old-school hip hop/R& B music, and great food is my weakness.

My favourite holiday spot is Aspen in the late summer. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few of the Forstmann Little conferences that take place at the end of September, always on my birthday weekend, in Aspen. To date they are the most interesting events I’ve attended.

Great Winter Escapes - Aspen, USA

Hiking and horse riding in the crisp Aspen mountains after mornings spent listening to some of the world’s top leaders and talents speak in closed-door discussions at the St Regis on a wide variety of current affairs and stimulating topics, in the stunning Aspen environment makes this my favourite holiday destination.

I’ve always been obsessed with the life and designs of Coco Chanel, in fact I first became a fashion editor in 1997 because I wanted to do an interview at her home in Rue Cambon which I did and it was so special. On my 16th birthday my parents gave me a Chanel necklace which I still love and cherish and wear still today.

I also wear my Panerai watch every day and have a diamond vintage Omega watch bracelet from the 1950s given to me by my grandmother, which would make up my trio of favourite jewellery pieces.

I studied art history at A level and fell in love with Fauvism, which is my favourite period of Art. Matisse and Kandinsky are my favourite artists, as I love the playful colours and lightness of their works. For them, intuition mattered more than subject matter.

My favourite perfume is Giorgio Beverly Hills. I’ve been wearing it since I was 18 and I still love it so much.

Nothing beats the classic works of Jane Austen, which I love reading over again.