For Dolce and Gabbana, style is in Hongkongers’ blood - and they’ve got the video to prove it

People on the city’s streets were amazing, Stefano Gabbana says of video for Italian fashion house’s latest social media ad campaign, shot during recent Dolce & Gabbana couture show in Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 December, 2016, 3:00pm
UPDATED : Friday, 23 December, 2016, 5:47pm

Designers for Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana may have been busy putting the finishing touches to their first Hong Kong fashion show in early December, but they still found time to run around the streets of the city shooting one of the label’s famously cheeky social media campaigns. These usually involve the people of whichever place they are filming in (see the last shoot from Naples), and Hong Kong was no exception.

The designers visited Kowloon day and night markets, delighting crowds and shooting pictures featuring models, laughing shopkeepers and market-goers old and young. In a flurry of quirky T-shirts, leopard print and floral designs, tuxedos and party gowns, the Dolce & Gabbana crew toured stalls selling street food and fashion fakes – including the label’s perfumes. They let people take selfies, creating a buzz that left older onlookers bemused.

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“The people on the streets in Hong Kong were amazing,” Stefano Gabbana says to me later that day at The Peninsula hotel. “You have the style in the blood, here and in China, because it is the most antique culture in the world.”

Shot by creative team the Morelli Brothers and with the hashtag #DGlovesHongKong, the videos and still images offered a charming take on Hong Kong’s neon lights, vibrant night markets, red taxis and street food hawkers as a cast of Chinese models made their way playfully through the crowds. Dolce & Gabbana once again pulled off a puckish, fun-filled ad campaign.

The designers say they’ve been enamoured with the city since first visiting decades ago. One of their first East Asian clients was the city’s original fashion guru, Joyce Ma. While in the city, they talked about the energy of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and the playful Chinese attitude to fashion.

“We are more closed in, the Europeans, now and the Chinese are more open,” Gabbana says. Domenico Dolce says: “There is an innate Chinese sense of colour and style from history. There’s a similar thing with Russian culture, too, which is very rich and interesting, with a long history.”

China doesn’t feel strange to them because of the similarities they see with Italian culture, Gabbana says.

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“I know there are a lot of different things like the language, but the sense of family, food and beauty are similar – there is a closeness to Italian traditions. Plus,” he laughs, “we Italians also don’t like to queue up and love talking loudly.”