From David Beckham to modern masculine suiting for girls: five things to know about Victoria Beckham’s runway

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 February, 2017, 3:06am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 February, 2017, 3:11am

She might be a Brit, but by now Beckham’s shows are a coveted staple of the New York fashion week circuit, each time with husband David Beckham and children sitting front row lending their support. The transformation of her personal look however has been well documented over the years, informing the evolution of her brand towards a more mature, confident, minimal and masculine outlook, and none more so apparent than here for her Autumn-Winter 2017 line.

1) The runway was an exercise in statement accessorising, done simply but well: see the long, almost sinister, leather gloves and those hard box bags models clutched at their hips. There’s plenty of covetable pieces to choose from and these all feel very well styled and au currant.

2) She’s championing a professional woman’s palette - dark navy, burgundy, smart office khaki and arty graphic colour blocked prints were all very serious and sophisticated. A playful, plaid jacket and bright shot of coral red for a pleated long skirt or silk dress however bought a bit of levity to the line.

3) An easy, masculine wide cut has often dominated her silhouettes of late and this collection was no exception. This season it was all slouchy oversized knits and broad shouldered, 80s inspired jackets or wintry coats. Pant legs were wide and long, almost overwhelming the models, skirts long and conservative skimming the ankles.

4) Let’s talk about those shoes. The knee high heeled boots came in single colours and block heels, but it was the surprisingly addition of slightly punky, pointed-toe buckled flats that bought a bit of rebellious edge to a very proper way of dressing.

5) When British Vogue declared war on the cleavage, it seems like Beckham was listening. A far cry from her corset days, all tops here were buttoned up to the top, high neck or polos. Barely a silver of skin was shown, and where it was it would be an ankle or a bare back on cut out knits.