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Fashions real Hongkongers choose: Arnault Castel, founder of Kapok – Hong Kong fashion boutique

The boutique stores owner shows us some of his favourite looks for work and leisure

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 April, 2017, 12:30pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 April, 2017, 5:55pm

Arnault Castel says: “The white shirt, T-shirt and jeans are from my label, Future Classics. I’ve always liked clothes, even as a kid, but I never dreamt I’d wear clothes from my own brand, or have other people wear them. This is beyond my wildest dreams.​

“Although our apartment has a large CD collection, I’ve never counted how many I actually have. There is this episode from Sex and the City when Carrie realises that she could have put a down payment on her flat with the amount she spent on shoes. This is what I have done, but with CDs.”

Fashion Castel wears for work

Castel wears an Arpenteur jacket, Officine Générale shirt, AMI pants and Etiquette socks.

Castel wears a watch by Ultra.

Castel says: “Like many people, I grew up wearing sneakers because I could not handle uncomfortable dress shoes. But sometimes when I need to wear grown-up shoes, I wear these by Common Projects as they are a good balance between formal and casual. They are so clean, minimal and sleek, and I am really proud that Kapok was the first store to bring them to Hong Kong.”

And an outfit he wears for leisure

Castel wears an olive jacket by Garbstore, ring by Tom Wood, pants by A.P.C. and T-shirt by Future Classics.

“We have around 230 succulents in our apartment, all of which are managed by my partner Joe. Some have succulent leaves, some have stem succulents and the rest are geophytes.”

Castel’s go-to bag for many years is by Mismo, and is roomy, light and has an ideal handle length.