Hong Kong company turns breast milk into jewellery for new mums

It’s important parents cherish moments with their child, say mothers behind company making pendants, bangles and beads from clients’ breast milk

PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 August, 2017, 6:17pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 August, 2017, 5:29pm

Hongkonger Kola Hsu wanted something special to commemorate the birth of her first child. So she had her breast milk made into a pendant for a necklace.

“My daughter Hoi Sen was born in 2015. She’s my first child and I really wanted to mark the occasion with something special, with a keepsake,” says Hsu. “It took a long time to find something to use with my breast milk for recording this moment. Finally I found them.”

“Them” is Love Made Me, the Hong Kong company run by two mothers that specialises in creating keepsakes for new mums.

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“We were fascinated with the way women’s bodies transformed to provide for their babies,” says one of the two co-founders, who both work full-time and who did not want to disclose their identities. “Breastfeeding is emotional and challenging – and short-lived. Besides taking thousands of photos, we researched and came up with the idea of transforming​ breast milk into a nice piece of wearable keepsake.”

“A small experiment” attracted a lot of curious inquiries, she says, “and we grew steadily”.

Jewellery made from people’s DNA is nothing new. People have turned the ashes of beloved relatives and friends – and pets – into jewellery and other keepsakes for years.

For new mothers this is a growing trend, and it’s not just breast milk that is being used. Placentas, umbilical cords, and the first lock of a baby’s hair are also being preserved, for example.

“It’s important to live for the moment, to remind parents to cherish all the small little moments with their child, as they grow up really fast,” Love Made Me’s owners said via email.

Love Made Me pieces include a gift-box-shaped necklace. “We simply believe that breastfeeding is a gift that lasts a lifetime,” they said. Their other collections, “Love Bonding” and “Love Feet”, use a breast milk bead as part of a children’s bracelet and bangle.

It’s so unique and I hope this gorgeous memory can pass to my daughter when she becomes a mother
Kola Hsu

The exact process used to create breast milk mementos is a trade secret, with each firm in the business using different processes. These include dehydrating breast milk and mixing breast milk with other mediums.

Love Made Me’s owners said their production process is simple. “Mothers just have to supply 20ml of [their] breast milk, and we do the rest. Since every piece is hand crafted, it takes about two months to produce and deliver,” they said.

Hsu says of her pendant: “It’s so unique and I hope this gorgeous memory can pass to my daughter when she becomes a mother.”

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Australian company Beyond The Willow Tree also makes DNA jewellery. Its collections feature not only breast milk jewellery but pieces made from hair, placenta and umbilical cords.

“Hair keepsake jewellery is a beautiful way to hold onto your baby’s first curls, a family entwined together, or a loved one who has sadly passed away. We can also capture your pets’ fur into our keepsakes,” its website says.