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Clothes real Hongkongers wear: Vann Kwok, accessories designer and artist

Kwok is a fan of hand-embroidered pieces that are easy to mix and match, and fitted tops and loose bottoms, while she tries to avoid following trends

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 August, 2017, 12:47pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 August, 2017, 12:47pm

“I like pieces that are easy to mix and match, especially embroidered pieces. I have quite a few in my wardrobe. I guess they’re a testament to my style since they’re pieces that have survived all my moving since 2013.”

Clothes real Hongkongers wear: Tasha Ling, fashion stylist

Kwok wears a sheer top from H&M, jeans and robe from Zara and white trainers from TopShop.

“I collect old, hand-embroidered pieces when I travel. I think it’s a beautiful and precious craft that speaks to the time spent and the presence of the maker. Sometimes I also buy machine-made embroideries because authentic pieces have become quite rare or pricey.”

Clothes Kwok wears for work

“My go-to outfit can be any colour, but it’s usually a fitted top that goes with a loose bottom that always goes below the knees.”

“Being a designer makes me more aware of trends both in art and fashion ... and trends are what I try to avoid.”

Fashions real Hongkongers choose: Sybil Kot, PR account director

Kwok wears a white T-shirt from H&M, black trousers from COS, red lace-up heels from Zara and earrings from her own designs.

“Most of my work is inspired from personal emotions and memories. The compositions of their colours, shapes and textures are largely informed by paintings, especially from the surrealist period. My work also embraces the natural textures of materials, looking for beauty from roughness and irregularity.”

What Kwok wears for leisure

Navy top from H&M, floral skirt form a vintage store in Amsterdam, silver sandals from Millie and bracelet and brooch from her own designs.

“My favourite piece by far is a floral skirt from Amsterdam. Its pattern and combination of colours are beautiful and striking yet versatile enough to go with practically any shoes and top. Every time I wear it I’m reminded of my lovely summer spent in Amsterdam.”