Hong Kong style tips

Fashions real Hongkongers wear: Alan See, co-founder of The Armoury – upmarket men’s haberdasher

Finding constant inspiration from his trips to Italy, See loves the romance behind a piece that comes from getting to know the person who made it and their reason for doing so

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 October, 2017, 10:47am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 October, 2017, 10:47am

“I travel often for work and when I do, I go for a high-twist wool suit because it keeps its creases and lines without wrinkling in the suitcase.”

See wears a suit by Liverano & Liverano, shirt by The Armoury and tie by Drake’s.

Fashions real Hongkongers choose: Arnault Castel, founder of Kapok – Hong Kong fashion boutique

“I think blue is a must for any gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s very flattering on most people and very versatile. You can take a navy sports coat for the weekend and then straight into an office.”

What See wears for leisure

See wears a Caruso turtleneck sweater, scarf by Rumisu, blazer by Orazio Luciano and jeans by The Armoury.

“For a pop of colour I always go with green – it goes with so many other colours, whether it’s blue, brown or black.”

Hong Kong fashion choices: Yuji Yosumi, fan of Japanese style and heritage brands

“Here we have 8000 Eyewear sunglasses, an Abbeyhorn shoe brush, The Armoury lapel chain, The Armoury x Real McCoy’s bandana, umbrella from Fox Umbrellas, and the money clip is a gift from a friend. The glasses are based on 1950s mountaineering glasses. They never used to make big glasses so they’re a bit smaller than what you see on the market nowadays and they’re not very commercial, but they look very special.”

What See wears for evening wear

“When I shop for myself, I look for the whole experience. I love it when I get to know the person behind the piece, whether it’s the tailor or shoemaker. Getting to know the reason behind their process is what makes the romance behind it. It sticks with you, and that’s what we try to replicate at The Armoury.”

Tuxedo by Musella Dembech, white scarf by Drake’s and stud set by The Armoury.

Fashions real Hongkongers choose: Nigel Yau, Rapha customer service manager

“In terms of style advice, I would say just look at how other men style themselves. I’m always inspired by my trips to Italy where I see old men dressing in amazing colour combinations and it gives me ideas for new ways to dress.”