From Canada to China, six Asian fashion illustrators to watch

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 February, 2018, 10:59am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 February, 2018, 10:59am

A long-dormant art form, fashion illustration is alive and well today, as these six Asian artists show.

1. @wingkikwok

The former marketing executive returned to her childhood hobby only in recent years, but is already a successful illustrator in Hong Kong and has collaborated with brands such as Dunhill, Kate Spade and Club Monaco. Kwok Wing-ki likes to focus on the touch of the pen and brush, as seen in her latest series, Power in Black, where she draws the most stylish monochrome outfits.

2. @fsketcher

Artist Aliya Uten is based in Shanghai. Her Instagram account shows her finished artworks. But to find out how she brings out the textures of the clothes in her illustrations – be it velvet, feather, sequins or leather – check out her YouTube channel, where she demonstrates different techniques and draws collections from brands such as Fendi, Christian Dior and Balmain.

3. @garytufashion

Gary Tu, from Taiwan, regularly contributes to Vogue Taiwan, offering tips on painting watercolours and human portraits. He also has a unique style: instead of filling the space with colours and marking the clothes with clean outlines, he brings the characters alive with bold strokes and fading shades.

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4. @mouchoaa

Mou Nazia, based in Calgary, Canada, is a Bengali and grew up watching Bollywood films, which heavily influence her work. From portraits of Indian wedding gowns to elaborate Bollywood headpieces, all done in rich and vibrant colours, her artworks reflect her cultural heritage.

5. @ruthless_wen

In addition to painting watercolours, Shinn Wenn, who is based in the Chinese city of Hubei, also draws on her iPad. As well as stunning illustrations of couture collections and celebrities on red carpets, she draws designs of shoes, accessories and different beauty looks using real make-up products.

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6. @sonia_shao

Sonia Shao, who offers fashion illustration classes in Shenzhen, does paintings of collections straight off the catwalk. Her illustrations are done in extraordinary detail, from the lace and sequin patterns of clothes down to every piece of jewellery a model wears and how each reflects the light.