Valentine's Day gift guide: choose carefully to send the right message

PUBLISHED : Monday, 09 February, 2015, 6:04am
UPDATED : Monday, 09 February, 2015, 6:04am


Hongkongers don't do things by halves, which explains why Valentine's Day has grown into a full-scale event, complete with fancy dinners, overpriced flowers or edible arrangements and, lest we forget, cheesy gifts.

That being said, selecting the right Valentine's Day gift for your partner is even more important than any birthday or Christmas gift because it speaks volumes about your relationship and how you feel about one another.

Before you embark on the arduous task of choosing the ideal present, it's important that you take into account how well you know the person and the message you are trying to convey through the gift.

If it's a new relationship, men may want to avoid gifts such as trashy lingerie (you'll end up looking like a pervert or, worse still, get the bra size wrong), while an expensive piece of jewellery may not be as welcome as the diamond engagement ring she's been waiting years for. Likewise, women shouldn't get too emotional or personal with their gift choice.

A customised iPod stocked with Julio Iglesias' greatest love songs, for example, will have any respectable human running for the hills. In order to avoid any major disasters, it's always worth thinking outside the box and avoiding more traditional items in favour of something fun and unexpected.

Men can't go wrong with things that she will use every day. Opt for playful accessories such as Tory Burch's heart motif scarf, while Roger Vivier's classic Miss Viv bag comes decorated with an asymmetrical heart for the new season. If you can't resist lingerie, choose a sexy corset that she can wear both in and out of the bedroom. And instead of diamonds, choose Louis Vuitton's Me and Me necklaces, which feature alphabet charms that are chic and personal.

Women used to be the sole benefactors of Valentine's Day gifts, but that is changing. If he can buy you sexy lingerie, why can't you get him a fun pair of boxers? Ditto for jewellery (French brand Dinh Van has some chic unisex bracelets that are casual enough to wear every day). For something more subtle, give him one of Céline's porcelain necklaces featuring different female body parts. It's a sexy reminder of you.

A final word of gift-giving advice - flowers don't count.