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Film review: Hotel Transylvania 2 is a monster mash

Animated sequel is a slow starter but soon picks up speed with a monster's ball and plenty of action

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 September, 2015, 8:01am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 September, 2015, 9:59am

The brilliant Mad Monster Party? from 1967 was one of the first goofy animated monster movies featuring classic horror characters. While the Hotel Transylvania series doesn’t supply the loony laughs of that Boris Karloff-voiced classic, it does offer some spooky-ooky-ooky fun for young children and their parents.

Part two is a slow starter, and some of the early gags fall flat. But a rip-roaring monster ball finale, complete with a whopping great punch-up featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolves and bats, more than makes up for the flaws.

The sequel picks up where the first part left off. Dracula (Adam Sandler, who also co-wrote the script) is worried that his cute grandson Dennis (Asher Blinkoff) is growing up more human than monster. Hoping that Dennis is a “late fanger” who will ultimately turn to the dark side, he sends his vampire daughter Mavis (Selina Gomez) and her human husband Jonathan (Andy Samberg) away on a holiday so he can scare the kid into being nasty.

But things don’t work out as planned, and arch-vampire Vlad (the legendary Mel Brooks) turns up threatening doom and destruction for all.

A lot of fun is had at the expense of the digital generation, who are portrayed as folk-song singing wimps who haven’t got the chops for real monsterhood. But Hotel Transylvania 2 doesn’t try too hard to make a point, choosing to focus on monster mayhem instead.

Daughter Mavis, who can morph into a nippy vampire bat when the need arises, gives the film its pep, and modelling the family on Italian-American gangsters is much funnier than it sounds.

Hotel Transylvania 2 opens on October 1