The 25 worst feature films of 2015: your A-to-Z guide

This year’s roll of dishonour features some big names - Adam Sandler (twice), John Woo, Carrie Ng, Louis Koo, Shu Qi, Keanu Reeves, J-Lo and Owen Wilson among them

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 December, 2015, 4:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 December, 2015, 4:00am

We watched them all so you didn’t have to. (With the exception of Fantastic Four. Sorry.)

The Age of Adaline

Would any woman realistically complain if she could live to the age of 107 and retain the impeccable physique of Blake Lively at her prime? Read the full review

All You Need Is Love

Should any pop star wish to stroke his own ego by leaping into the film director’s seat, he could at least handle it more subtly than Richie Jen does with this fawning debut. Read the full review

Angel Whispers

The filmmakers will require more than angelic intervention to atone for this sorry attempt at a serial killer movie. Read the full review

Before We Go

First-time director Chris Evans’ take on Richard Linklater’s elegant, Vienna-set 1995 film Before Sunrise would be a promising entry for a most-boring-film-of-the-year award. Read the full review

Big Fortune Hotel

This horror comedy by definition only is that rare bottom feeder which cogently reminds its viewers that filmmaking is indeed a skilful undertaking. Read the full review

The Boy Next Door

Why Jennifer Lopez decided to star in – as well as co-produce – this lame would-be psychological thriller is part of the continuing mystery. Read the full review

Bride Wars

This Chinese remake of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s VIP ticket to Hollywood’s hall of shame has the distinction of being even worse than the original. Read the full review

The Cobbler

On the heels of two films that met with critical indifference and financial disappointment, Adam Sandler has come out with a horrendous comedy minus the laughs. Read the full review

Contracted: Phase II

Poor writing and shaky performances, punctuated only occasionally by serviceable moments of gross-out horror, make this an entirely missable enterprise destined for iTunes obscurity. Read the full review

The Crossing II

To see John Woo churn out such generic bilge provokes a mournful sinking feeling. Read the full review

Dark Places

Director Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s determination to aim for portentous drama results in a tedious and po-faced snooze that long outstays its welcome. Read the full review

Knock Knock

Although Keanu Reeves has never been noted for his subtlety as a thespian, his performance as a captive husband could easily be bettered by a stationary object like a chair. Read the full review

Knock Knock! Who’s There?

With all due respect to one of Hong Kong’s top actresses from the 1980s and ’90s, Carrie Ng could do well to reconsider her decision to become a filmmaker. Read the full review

The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel, growling his lines in that usual bass register of his, hasn’t made a fantasy movie before – and judging by this effort he probably shouldn’t again. Read the full review

No Escape

This appalling escape movie takes racism towards Asians to an extreme not seen for many years in mainstream films. Read the full review


Painting Neverland in such drab colours, with a story that revolves around child labour, is hardly a blueprint for a fun-packed movie. Read the full review


The concept for Pixels is brilliant. What a pity, then, that someone told Adam Sandler, who pairs with Kevin James to turn it into yet another charmless, witless Sandler vehicle. Read the full review

Point Break

Nobody is craving meatball sandwiches in the new Point Break, a tragically misconceived remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 surf/heist thriller. Read the full review

Return of the Cuckoo

Written and directed by the talentless rom-com veteran Patrick Kong, this tearjerker-wannabe is an opportunistic product that takes great liberty to rain on your treasured memory. Read the full review

S for Sex, S for Secrets

Throw in the inept direction, and this is one veritable cinematic disaster. Read the full review

Song One

Those with suicidal tendencies should steer clear of the film, as the insipid, depressing pseudo-folk music that permeates the movie could push them over the edge. Read the full review

The Transporter Refueled

The Game of Thrones star Ed Skrein takes over the role of Frank Martin, the highly skilled, ask-no-questions driver who dresses smarter than he looks. Read the full review

Triumph in the Skies

Has anyone scored on the plane? That might at least have explained the title of Triumph in the Skies. Read the full review

Virgin Psychics

Boredom sets in quickly amid the constant parade of skimpily dressed women, which may make some viewers feel like patients of the Clockwork Orange school of aversion therapy. Read the full review

We Are Your Friends

With endless talk of BPM and EQ levels, DJ-ing is – at best – inherently uncinematic and, at worst, dull as a dust cover. Read the full review

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